Running From The TRUTH…

No, not figuratively… I mean LITERALLY running from the truth. That’s exactly what co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar of The View were doing last Thursday. Did you happen to catch it, it was a hoot!  Guest Bill O’Reilly barely managed to make a TRUTHFUL statement that: “Muslims attacked us on 09/11…” before Whoopi launched into a hysterical obscenity-laced tirade, and the indignant, self-righteous Behar sprung to her feet and the two stomped off the set (exit stage LEFT). This left a bewildered Barbara Walters behind to apologize to her audience for the irrational and childish behavior of her colleagues.

This would be nothing more than an amusing and insignificant incident, were it not such a poignant analogy of how the far left typically reacts when confronted with the TRUTH. Of course extremists on both ends of the political spectrum are adept at shouting down their political opponents. But it does seem that proponents on the far left have rendered the traditional shout-down obsolete and have now resorted to literally closing their eyes, covering their ears and running away when confronted with the truth and the absurdity of their position.

Bill O’Reilly was absolutely correct in stating that “Muslims attacked us on 09/11.” In fact, he understated this truth, as it was not just mere coincidence that all of the nineteen 09/11 terrorists just happened to be Muslim, but that they executed the attack in the name of their religion. That this barbaric killing of 3,000 innocent civilians is just part of a global war – a jihad – against the West. Any rational person understands that this does not mean that every Muslim is a radical extremist bent on the destruction of America, or that the Islamic faith is based on hatred, intolerance and violence. But the truth that O’Reilly states is that there is a large and significant movement within Islam that is completely and unequivocally devoted to the conversion and/or destruction of all infidels. There are millions of radical Jihadists world-wide that would not hesitate to kill you, me and every American infidel given the opportunity to do so. To close one’s eyes, cover one’s ears and run away from this truth does nothing to change that reality; it does nothing to protect or defend the larger number of Muslims not driven by hatred and intolerance; and it most certainly does nothing to protect and defend our country.

Goldberg and Behar are far from alone in their impulse to run away from the TRUTH. When it comes to America’s greatest challenges: $13 Trillion national debt; broken immigration policy; curbing nuclear proliferation; a collapsing economy, and of course, the war on terror, the Obama administration is in full blown retreat.


2 Responses to “Running From The TRUTH…”

  1. Maria Says:

    I am so GLAD you posted this blog. I couldn’t agree more that the 9/11 terrorists were extremists and certainly do not reflect peace loving Muslims. Now, I just gotta ask: Where ARE the peace loving Muslims? If members of my religion killed 3,000 innocent people, I would be excessively vocal in educating my fellow Americans in the truth….that this is a select few and that 99% of my religious peers are not filled with hate. If members of my faith acted with such hate, I would expect my religious leaders to strongly, clearly and passionately denounce them and condemn their acts as hostile and inhumane.
    Now, I am a pretty busy person and may have missed something, but I have not heard any such statement or seen any such demonstration condemning these radicals by any Muslim and in particular, any Muslim leader. I have heard one or two pretty feeble apologies (I think….they were more like slaps on the wrist), but that is about it. I have NEVER heard a clearly stated passionate condemnation of these terrorists. I hope I missed something. Did I? Please, tell me I did.

  2. World Wide News Flash Says:

    Running From The TRUTH?…

    I found your entry interesting so I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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