Barack Hussein (Robin Hood) Obama

Everyone knows that Barack Obama wanted to be the modern day Robin Hood by fulfilling his campaign promise of “spreading the wealth around.”  But who would have thought that after just two years in office he’d actually become the anti-Robin Hood, and instead of giving to the poor, he’d steal from the working poor and give to the rich.  That is exactly what’s been the result of the President’s corporate bail-out program known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Sure, there have been other huge government bail-outs in the past.  The Chrysler bail-out of 1979 cost American taxpayers $1.2 Billion.  Then there was the Savings and Loan bail-out ten years later in 1989 that cost taxpayers $125 Billion and rocked the nation for years.  But at a taxpayer cost of $787 BILLION the Obama bail-out is more than 6 times larger than the S & L bail-out.  Unlike any other bail-out in American history, this one did not just bail-out a single company or industry, it bailed out virtually all of corporate America.  Unfortunately, this massive bail-out has done little or nothing to stimulate either job creation or the over-all U.S. economy.  It has only acted like Robin Hood in reverse by taking $787 Billion from hard working Americans and stimulating only the profits of corporate America filling the pockets of C.E.O’s and shareholders alike with America’s hard earned tax dollars… immoral and disgusting.

When President Obama signed the bail-out bill into law on Feb. 17, 2009 the Dow Jones Industrial Average was nearing a 12 year low of 6,547 which it hit just three weeks later on March 03, 2009.  Since that date, with the unprecedented infusion of billions of U.S. tax dollars flowing into the balance sheets of corporate America the Dow Jones skyrocketed from 6,547 to over 11,000 today.  That’s an astronomical gain of almost 70% in just 19 months.  During that same period of time the U.S. unemployment rate grew from just over 8% in March of ’09 to nearly 10% today.  The real unemployment rate including those that have given up looking for work or have timed out of the unemployment lines is closer to 20% than 10%.  As Friday’s unemployment numbers indicated, this picture is getting WORSE not better.

As a result of Obamanomics America’s misery index – unemployment, falling property values, foreclosures, declining earnings, eroding savings, poverty, etc… – are all spiking at the same time the stock market is.  Yet where is the outrage from the left?  Corporate America did not loot the coffers of the U.S. Treasury, rather, it was this government that looted the American tax payer to stuff the coffers of corporate America.  The scope and magnitude of this national theft is beyond comprehension.  It is a crime against not just any one group or segment of the American population, but against every American tax payer.  This betrayal of the American citizen by its own government might only be rivaled by Andrew Jacksons infamous Trail of Tears or the tragedy of the disgusting Tuskegee Experiments.  Yet the saddest irony of all, is that those most victimized by the corrupt and immoral Obama economic policy: single mother’s, the working poor, the unemployed, youth, etc… are the most likely to support the President and his policies.

Steal from the working poor and give to the rich… that’s the Barack Hussein (Robin Hood) Obama way.


One Response to “Barack Hussein (Robin Hood) Obama”

  1. Maria Says:

    Things could not be worse for the vulnerable, and you are EXACTLY RIGHT….the single mothers, working poor, unemployed and youth ARE the most likely to support this nut. The stock market and its investors have had a nice little ride for the past year, thanks to the taxpayers. It truly is a National Theft. Well stated, Clearspeak.

    I applaud your efforts in articulating your thoughts clearly and passionatley. I was particularly impressed with your last blog on how to ruin a country in 18 months. It is just uncomprehensible how this idiot has driven this great country into the ground. I cannot site one area of success. Internationally we are battered and humiliated, economically we are a mess. Education has not taken ONE BABY step towards improvement, and terrorist threat is high. I am at a loss as to why his rating is as high as it is. I guess the poor and uneducated are uneducated in the ways of our president. Now….if he can just keep them dumb and down, he may have a chance at reelection.

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