How To Destroy America In Just Two Years

How do you bring the greatest nation on earth to her knees in just two years?

  • You elect a President with a record of NO significant political experience or accomplishments.  One who never chaired or co-chaired a Congressional Committee, never sponsored or co-sponsored a single piece of legislation.  One who by his own definition is nothing more than a: ‘Not so effective community organizer.’ You have that President staff his administration with Chicago crony politicians, lobbyists and even a Secretary of the Treasury who is an admitted tax cheat.
  • Then you have that President go on a global tour to apologize for all the bad stuff that America has done to the world.
  • After that, you take $787 BILLION from American taxpayers and give it to corporate America. 
  • Then, you hijack America’s TRILLION DOLLAR health care system by force using corruption and bribery.  You replace it with a system that guts Medicare by $500 BILLION, increases costs and decreases the quality of care.  You cram all this down America’s throat against the will of the vast majority of the people.
  • After that, you turn against America’s southern border States and sue them for attempting to enforce federal immigration law.
  • You then balloon the National Debt 30% from $10 TRILLION to $13 TRILLION so that the per-capita share for every single American household is well OVER $500,000.  That’s just YOUR share of the federal debt, not to mention State and municipal government debt.
  • Next, you fire your military commander in Afghanistan for accusing you and your administration of incompetence, and you escalate a war that you originally opposed, with no real strategy for success.
  •  While all that is going on you sit by placidly and watch Iran build a nuclear arsenal.
  • Then, with a real unemployment rate closer to 20% than 10%, you threaten to raise taxes on what’s left of  America’s entrepreneurs and job creaters….

 There, that ought to do it! 


2 Responses to “How To Destroy America In Just Two Years”

  1. This is Pooh Says:

    Let’s see just how moronic the electorate is. Show our outrage in November. Vote out Pelosi and Reid, and all of their corrupt cronies!!!! We’ve all had enough. Time to clean house, meaning Congress, and then in 2012, we can really CLEAN HOUSE.

    By the way, is it just me, because I keep waiting for the PC police to rename the White House to “House of no specific color”….and that’s not LOL.

  2. On the Pike Says:

    Posting anonymously on blogs is now one of the few ways you can express your real feelings without being publicly chastised, fired, socially ostracized or brutalized by the liberal mob mentality that has swept the nation into the Obama Era, or more appropriately, the Obama Error.

    It seems as though once campaigning started for the 2008 Elections, Americans were forced to elect either the first African-American President (although the American part has still yet to be evidenced) or the first Women President. It was completely off the table that we might elect a President with substantial Congressional experience, military experience and life experience. Ironically, it was a huge faux pas to show any racism or sexism, but ageism was okay. Wow, we have really sunk to new intellectual lows. Think about it, most of us will never experience changes in our race or sex, but we’re all going to age. So the majority voted against ourselves when we didn’t elect the one person who had the most experience, paid the most dues and lived through the worst of times. Boy, America is dumber than I thought.

    We got what we asked for. Now we have only ourselves to blame. And, come this November, we’re the only ones who can fix this big Obama Error.

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