Inflection Point!

Last week marked a historic milestone for the Obama Administration.  Don’t expect to read about it in your local paper, or even see it on the evening news.  It is of huge importance, but the Media really does not want you to be aware of it.  For the first time in the history of the Obama Administration, more Americans now have a negative view of the president than a positive one.  And I’m not just talking about one or two isolated polls either.  The average of all six major national polls showed Obama’s approval rating standing at 45% and his disapproval rating at 50%.  Each individual poll, with the exception of one tie, showed Obama’s disapproval rating higher than his approval rating:  If you scroll down on the site, you’ll see a graphic showing just how significant this watershed inflection point is.

The only thing more startling than the numbers themselves, is the fact that the Obama crash did not happen earlier.  Clearly, the American people desperately wanted to believe in this president, but the non-stop barrage of hypocrisy, arrogance, lies and deceit are now overtaking their patience.  (For a partial list of all these lies, just scroll down three posts to: Obama’s 18 Month Score Card.)  The once bright promise of “hope & change” of this self-proclaimed post-racial, post-partisan president have now been revealed as a cynical lie.  Having created and sold a failed community organizer to the American people as their President, the Media has done all they can to protect and insulate him from any and all political harm.  Not even last week’s little revelry with the ladies of The View had the desired effect the White House spin-misters had hoped for.  Sure, the Media has been sandbagging feverishly to build a mighty bulwark around the president but the flood of public opinion has now breached their fortifications and both reality and truth will continue to flood in.

Now that public opinion has turned decisively against Obama, keep a keen watch on the Main Stream Media.  Like rats leaving a sinking ship they will slowly slither away.  Of course, there will always be die-hard ideologues like Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, and Chris Matthews, who will continue to get lingering tingles running up their legs whenever they see the president, but they are now destined to slip even further into obscurity than they already have.  The inflection point has been reached, and like it or not, it is big news.


5 Responses to “Inflection Point!”

  1. AndyR Says:

    Yeah, I guess you didn’t read the way so many of the “majority” got bussed to the polls, scared out of their mind that anyone other than Obama got elected. The Republicans have been made out to be bigoted bogeymen (and women) when the party with the most boogers is clearly POA (the party of the Ass).

    These same idiots are going to clone and go back in numbers. I got no hope for November. Pelosi, Reid and all the other clowns are going to find their way back to DC and rip apart this country. And when they fail, they’ll blame Obama and Obama will blame them. Blame game will be within the POA, as it should have been all along.

    Yo, bud, this country has been run by the Media. Don’t you get it yet?

  2. On the pike Says:

    Polls have a funny way of distorting the truth, so it’s hard for me to swallow the turnaround.

    What has hurt Obama is his lack of experience in hiring the people around him. Rahm Emmanuel and Eric Holder have done more to destroy the Obama legacy than any Republican would have dreamed of. He has to fire these two racist clowns soon if he has any hope of keeping the majority in Congress. It’s a shame that these two men have sullied the dreams and hopes Obama represented.

    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but I think public opinion is fickle unless a strong Republican frontrunner emerges and someone muzzles Sarah (I got troubles at home) Palin. She needs to go away, soon, and we need an economic powerhouse (ummm, Mitt Romney, stand up and take a bow) to bring us out of this mess which is mainly attributable to the likes of Barney Frank, Osama bin Laden and other Democratic and Foreign terrorists.

  3. AndyR Says:

    Clearspeak, you don’t post any info on your background. You sound like a political operative, past or present, with some financial background. Or you’re a laid-off journalist (or laid up or wannabe) looking for a platform. Me, I’m a self-taught, currently un-employed mechanic, former Catholic, former husband (my ex reminds me of Pelosi), former father (ex-wife took kids and moved to East Coast), former Democrat (did nothing for me), and fed-up. Is your info on the up and up? Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. On the pike Says:

    Hey AndyR, I think the point of this blog is to freely express cognitive thought. If Clearspeak thinks his/her background is pertinent, I’m sure he/she will respond. I think Clearspeak’s opinion is on point almost all the time. But that’s just me.

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