The Sherrod Charade

Surely, the Shirley Sherrod charade is one of the more comical news stories of the year.

The irony, of course, is that as a mid-level bureaucrat this story has virtually nothing to do with Ms. Sherrod.  It has everything to do with the breath-taking collapse of the institution once known as the “Main Stream Media.”  The sequence of events surrounding this story are both bizarre and extremely comical.  A single independent blogger posts an entry on his own website,, showing an obscure bureaucrat that few Americans have ever heard of making controversial – and as it turned out – misrepresented racially charged comments.  Even before this rather insignificant “story” moves off the pages of the independent blog site it sends shock waves through the entire Obama Administration, the NAACP, and the entire Fourth Estate.  In a full-blown panic, the White House leans on Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack to force Sherrod to resign on the spot, and I do mean quite literally, on the spot, as in forcing her to pull off the road as she was driving home, making her return to her office and resign with no other due process.  Picking up on the Obama Administration’s panicked paranoia, the NAACP and Media fall into lock-step damage control mode, falsely condemning Sherrod and doing what they can to insulate the White House from the perceived racist remarks of Sherrod.  It was the combined hysteria of the White House, the NAACP and the Media that forced this unwelcomed story off an innocuous website and into headline news.  So, along with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod becomes just another expendable liability that the Obama Administration is willing to simply throw under the bus.

The real story here is not about Sherrod, or even the Obama Administration, it is about the Media.  One must ask how is it possible that a single independent blog resulted in such abject chaos?  The answer could not be clearer: the “Main Stream Media” simply has no credibility.  The fact, as aptly demonstrated by the Sherrod charade, is that the Obama Administration, and the “Main Stream Media” itself has less persuasion than independent news sources, even a blog.  Of course, the once respected and trusted “Main Stream Media” has no one to blame but themselves.  Years of bias, abuse and outright corruption have resulted in these self-inflicted mortal wounds.  The Sherrod charade is just the latest reminder of this reality.  If you are looking for further confirmation, look no further than the most recent Nielsen news ratings.  Fox News Channel (FNC) consistently has more prime time viewers than CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and HLN COMBINED.


7 Responses to “The Sherrod Charade”

  1. On the Pike Says:

    I find it highly predictable that everyone is trying to blame Fox News and right-wing conservatives for this debacle when action was taken before news leaked out. I also find it highly predictable that the Democrats are eating their own….that’s what happens when power hungry people are in control…..yo, Rahm Emmanuel and Eric (I Love Terrorists) Holder, I’m talking to you.

    If there was a pale equivalent of Al Sharpton screaming about firing Ms. Sherrod as fast as they fired Don Imus, I could actually understand the haste. But, this happened before any activist of any color or political persuasion spoke up. Ms. Sherrod was fired out of guilt.

    Guilt by an administration so quick to play the race card without actually flipping it over. Fundamentally, Barack Obama is a decent human being, a man who has worked hard and appears to have clean and laudable family values. He sucks at choosing his Chief of Staff and Attorney General, both of whom have sullied Obama’s name ten times more than any conservative group could ever dream of.

    As for Ms. Sherrod, so far, I admire the way she’s handled the media since her unceremonious dump. I admire the fact that she didn’t rush to take the token job they offered in the aftermath.

    This was a golden opportunity to clearly and intelligently discuss race. Let’s see if the Obama Administration is smart enough to do so, or whether they cower in fear until the November elections.

  2. HW Says:

    “Shoot first, ask questions later” is what conservatives are accused of on a regular basis. If this had happened during the Bush Administration, media outlets would be advocating for the firing of Vilsack, and would not stop until that was done. Actually, I think the liberal playbook mandates that heads roll when one of theirs has been maligned. But no one is shouting for that, not yet, and that may have something to do with the fact that Vilsack was Governor of Iowa right before he accepted his nomination as Secretary of Agriculture. After all, don’t liberals govern by polls and election strategy?

    Instead, our liberal brethren want to put the blame on blogger Breitbart. I’m glad they’re admitting they make major personnel decisions on a blog before they complete vet the content. And, they also want to blame Fox News, even though Fox News started reporting this story after Sherrod got canned.

    In the meantime, as our economy slips away, and our country’s children remain addicted to video games and dismissive of education, this November voters have to decide whether they want the same worthless Congressmen and women back in office to continue this downward spiral to mediocrity.

  3. FreeThinker Says:

    Shirley Sherrod was owed an apology and Barack Obama took the reins and called her. That’s not an admission of guilt, that’s leadership. She was fired on his watch. Was he consulted before she got fired? Who knows for sure, but I don’t think Obama’s White House plays the race card. If anything, they want to stay far away from that topic.

    Sadly, I can’t disagree with the Emmanuel/Holder comments. I wish I could. I think everyone needs to take a minute and calm down, and that includes the White House. This was a self-inflicted mess. Let’s admit that and move on.

  4. AndyR Says:

    What was the actual reason used to fire Sherrod? “Oh, pull over, a blogger doesn’t like you and posted an excerpt of a speech you made, you’re fired?” When they canned her, was she supposed to just roll over and play dead? Did they think she was going to just go away?

    Forget about the blogger and the press, what about the government’s responsibility to her as an employer? Is the whole story out there? There’s got to be more to this story.

    • On the Pike Says:

      AndyR, I think the actual reason for the firing was related to reverse-reverse racism. Regardless, this story, as it stands now, is pretty disgusting. I’m not sure our country is ready for more, if that exists.

      • AndyR Says:

        So the bitch took the easy way out and is suing the blogger. God Bless America. I bet if the President’s last name was Bush, she would be suing the Federal Government, but then again, he never would have fired her to begin with.

  5. On the pike Says:

    Shirley Sherrod is not a bitch, she’s collateral damage. I agree with most of your other sentiments, AndyR, but not on this name calling of someone who was formerly happy in obscurity and whose name is forever linked with a reverse-racist decision. I know I would not want to be remembered for this type of controversy. She has to do whatever she feels necessary to vindicate her name and punish those who thrust her into the limelight against her will. Who knows, maybe she will sue Obama’s government in the end?

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