Media Histrionics Reaches Historic Proportions

Even before the ink of Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature dried on Arizona’s new immigration law, the Media has been engaged in a hysterical frenzy of misinformation, propaganda and outright deception.  The relentless Media assault on this law includes accusations of racism, bigotry, and even Nazism.  Just today a headline in the Phoenix New Times reads: “Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Reign of Terror Becomes State Policy…”  The one thing that I have not seen from any Media source is an honest attempt to educate America about what exactly is in the bill.  Why not read it for yourself: SB1070.  It is clear, concise, and, unlike the 2,700 page Obama-Care monstrosity, its only 16 pages.  You will see that the bill really does little more than make it a Arizona State crime to be in violation of already existing federal immigration law.  Hardly worth the Naomi Campbell type temper-tantrum that the Media is throwing.

Fortunately, there is some good that will come out of this excessive Media hysteria.  Just when you think the credibility of the Main Stream Media can’t sink any lower, it is precisely this kind of irresponsible over-reach that will erode it even further.  In a recent Pew Research study, Americans have a higher favorability rating of Fox News over the New York Times by a startling 55% to 29%.  Who would have thunk it… the “Glenn Beck School of Journalism” eclipses the “Walter Cronkite School of Journalism” when it comes to credibility!

Considering the extent of Media corruption, don’t expect any return to fairness, objectivity, and journalistic responsibility any time soon.  Although you can’t expect real ‘news’ from the Media anymore, it is a great source of amusement.  I’m waiting for stories to surface about Arizona building extermination centers out in the desert along the southern border ready to gas any and all Mexicans at any time.  Who cares about TRUTH as long as it makes a great story?  Forget about the Phoenix New Times “Reign of Terror,” I have a much better headline.  How about: “Arizona’s Auschwitz in the Sonoran Desert.”  Come on, New York Times, I’m giving you a great headline here, run with it.  I’m sure you have lots of skilled journalists like Jayson Blair that can make up a great story around this headline.


3 Responses to “Media Histrionics Reaches Historic Proportions”

  1. This is Pooh Says:

    Here in Massachusetts, Boston’s City Council wants to stop doing any business with Arizona businesses because of Arizona’s attempt to enforce already existing statutes regarding immigration. WTF????? This it TOTAL POO.

    To all the bleeding heart liberals out there, please explain how you can justify the huge deficits between what law-abiding, tax-paying legal residents are paying and how much the illegal, tax-evading, reproducing foreigners are taking? We have critical borders in Arizona that, if not maintained, will result in millions of additional illegals crossing the border to join their free-loading brethren in milking the American system indefinitely. It’s all well and good to want to help your fellow man, but there are a number of low-income, tax-paying, law-abiding American citizens who cannot get enough assistance because our system is overwhelmed. How about helping your fellow Americans first?

    Arizona, I hope your state leads the way in educating Americans about the importance of enforcing existing laws. Bravo!

  2. maria22 Says:

    If the City Council of Boston believes that we should not enforce immigration laws, then perhaps we should send THEM their fair share of illegal immigrants to support….. Lets do the math: The Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research organization in Washington, estimates 11.5 million to 12 million “unauthorized migrants” live in the US today. Divided EVENLY between 50 states, that places a minimum of 230,000 “unauthorized migrants” living in the great state of MA. OK….let’s see now, that is approximately 1/3 the population of Boston, or perhaps 4 or 5 Chicopees; of course it will be necessary to provide them with health care, education AND offer crime protection (protection TO and from). I am sure the city council would love to handle that financial responsibility. They clearly are clever when it comes to budgeting….the Big Dig and all.

    Obviously the great state of Arizona is burdening more than their fair share of illegal migrants. Perhaps our government should just open our boarders, if they do not want to protect them.


  3. Dixie Comfort Says:

    I agree with “everything” you have written, save one: “Both presidents are sincere and likeable men.”

    It is hard to dislike Carter, a truly humble and caring man. Obama is self-centered and anything but humble. It is all about him. He sees himself as some kind of a rock star. Basicly, he just makes me sick.

    Should I tell you what I think of Nancy Pelosi? No, I’ll save that for another time.

    This was one of the happiest weeks of my life. It rivaled the birth of my children, and the weddings of my children. I can hardly wait for 2012!

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