America Needs Another Paul Revere

Most Americans know the story of Paul Revere’s midnight ride of April 18, 1775.  How he stood vigil watch over Boston’s Old North Church awaiting the lamp signal of the anticipated British invasion: one if by land – two if by sea.  Those revolutionary patriots stood ready to defend America’s borders with their lives, whether attacked by land or by sea.

Now, with America’s borders under siege by BOTH land and sea we could use patriots like Paul Revere again.  Few issues are more clearly defined by our constitution than the federal government’s responsibility to protect and defend America’s border.  The land invasion over America’s border by illegal aliens is not new.  What is new, however, is that finally a border State (Arizona) has grown so disgusted with the federal government’s unwillingness to fulfill its constitutional responsibility that it passed a State law making it a State crime to be in violation of federal immigration law.  Hardly a radical concept.  Opponents of the law however were quick to spring into action, labeling the other side as: racists, nazis, red-necks, fascists, and bigots, among other things.  Within days of passing the law a Sheriff’s Deputy was shot near the Arizona – Mexico border by a gang of illegal Mexican narcotics smugglers.  You can decide whether this Sheriff’s Deputy who put his life at risk to defend America against the wave of illegal gun, drug and human smugglers is a “racist, nazi, red-neck, facist, bigot” or a true American patriot.

A second siege on America’s borders, this time from the sea, began on April 21, 2010 when an oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast.  Initial news reports were quick to point out that any environmental impact of this tragedy was the responsibility of British Petroleum.  However, before being so quick to give the Obama Administration a pass on this disaster, one should remember that the Main Stream Media did not hand a similar pass to the Bush Administration during the hurricane Katrina disaster.  That in spite of the fact that it was then Louisiana Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco who refused initial pleas from the Bush Administration to declare a National Disaster and coordinate all disaster relief efforts.  Also, it was New Orleans Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin who delayed issuing a State of Emergency and ordering evacuations until less than 24 hours before landfall.  It is also important to remember that regardless of the cause of any disaster it is the responsibility of the federal government, as proscribed by the Constitution, to protect and defend all costal waters and our national border.

For eight long days, from April 21 till April 29 the Obama Administration did virtually nothing to stem the environmental impact of this disaster.  Instead, while millions of gallons of oil gushed into the sea, the Obama Administration simply sat on its hands and abdicated its responsibility to protect America’s costal waters and border to a foreign oil company.  Not until a full week after the explosion did the Coast Guard first suggest burning off surface oil.

Under this administration America’s borders, both land and sea, are under siege like never before.  Don’t look to the White House for a defender of America’s borders.  There is no signal for “one if by land or two if by sea.”  There will be no freedom midnight ride…  There is no Paul Revere type American patriot in residence.


5 Responses to “America Needs Another Paul Revere”

  1. Maria Says:

    It is unbelievable to both my husband and I HOW this situation has become a party issue, and another point of division. Arizona is taking control and doing the job of what the fewderal government is not doing. It is not more complicated than that. The state is upholding and ENFORCING federal law. Ofcourse Arizona should be applauded for enforcing the federal law, and offering state money and resources to uphold laws that the federal government has been unable to enforce.

    Some idiot on the news drew this scenario…..a group of people are having a party….it gets out of control…or not….but cops are called. Oh my, how unfair if some of the servers are illegal immigrants. They have been found out. That is like saying…hey…what if meth is found? Honestly, one cannot get a decent fix in this country when they need it without the GOVERNMENT stepping in. So unfair.

    Regarding the lack of response to the oil spill. Why would you expect anything different, Clearspeak? I suppose you didn’t, but we should surly NOT be suprised. Why would this administration act responsibly and be proactive, when they are mandating minimalism? Why step out of the comfort zone to help someone….let’s just wait until assistance comes to us.

    For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my country.

  2. Roger Says:

    Clear Speak,

    I could not agree with you more! As far as I’m concerned I would be very happy if our federal government guarded our borders and provided for our national defense… AND THEN GOT THE HELL OUT OF THE REST OF OUR LIVES!

    They can’t do their MOST IMPORTANT RESPONSIBILITY, but they can interfere with our personal lives, healt care, and tax us to death. I’m ready for a revolution.

    Your article is right on! And this one line just needs to be repeated: “Few issues are more clearly defined by our constitution than the federal government’s responsibility to protect and defend America’s border.”

  3. on the pike Says:

    How about we just enforce all the laws that are already on the books, including immigration? How about we enforce the concept of fairness in media, which would be analogous to everyone getting a million dollars in the mail?

    Our willingly ignorant electorate has so infuriated me. Thanks for reminding us of where we are and inspiring us as to where we need to be.

  4. This is Pooh Says:

    It strikes me as insanely hypocritical that the Liberal Left, who unleash Al Sharpton the minute any seemingly racial connotation is uttered by anyone right of far left, can so easily spew “racist, nazi, red-neck, facist, bigot.” Where is the self-righteous indignation Big Al, Justice Jessie and Nonsense Nancy? Where is it now? Non-existent. This is pooh.

    So exactly what crime is being committed by the elected state officials of Arizona? Apparently, it’s now a crime in this country to enforce laws. This is pooh too.

    Every single one of my family came over here legally, paid every penny of their taxes and now because of our “it takes a village” philosophy, illegals benefit from our sacrifices-by-tax making it highly unlikely that I will ever collect Social Security. This is pooh.

    Since Obama took office, it’s been nauseating to see that the rights of ALL citizens are not being protected. Rather, the rights of all illegal aliens and their offspring supercede those who have pledge allegiance to the Red, White and Blue. USA has now become USO – United States of Obama. This is pooh.

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