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Suicide By Pelosi

April 10, 2010

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase: “suicide by cop.”  This is the phenomenon when an individual intentionally acts so irrationally and provokatively toward a police officer (like pulling a gun) that the officer has no choice but to respond using deadly force.

Well, on March 23, 2010 the entire Democrat Party committed “Suicide by Pelosi.”  That’s right, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi concocted a deadly brew of “cool-aide” and every Democrat in the House of Representatives, save 34 brave souls, dutifully gulped it down.  The U.S. Congress betrayed the overwhelming will of the American people and rail-roaded H.R. 3962 the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act, aka Obama-Care through.  According to the most recent CNN/Opinion Research Poll 59% opposed this bill while 39% supported it.  Since the passage of this bill favorability ratings for both the president and congress have been plunging and opposition to Obama-Care has been consistently rising.

As of last count, 20 States are mounting a serious constitutional challenge to the bill and more are expected to jump on board.

Politically, the bill is a disaster.  It alienates the 80% of all Americans who expressed satisfaction with both the cost and quality of their health care prior to this government intervention.  It alienates the far left in the Democrat Party who have all along demanded that any bill include a Public Option of direct government operated insurance coverage.  And finally, it has incentivized moderate Democrats and Independents who are aghast with out-of-control government spending and intervention in our daily lives to flee the Democrat Party…  High TEA, anyone?

Putting the political rancor of this train wreck aside, Obama-Care is even  more of a colossal practical failure.  If it is to work it must, by design, cut at least $500 BILLION from medicade and raise $500 BILLION in tax revenue.  It will create a monstrous bureaucracy that no one has a clue how to implement or control.  It will exacerbate high unemployment as businesses will strive to keep payrolls low in order to avoid higher employee supplemental insurance costs.  It will balloon State budget deficits as it dumps huge unfunded mandates onto already bankrupt States.  It will have a detrimental impact on the quality of all health services as health care professionals will flee the profession not wanting government mandates controlling everything from the number of patients they can treat, procedures they can use, and compensation tables they will be subject to.  It will have the most devastating impact on the “working poor,” specifically working single parents who will not qualify for a full government subsidy, and who are not covered by a spouse’s employer policy.  These people will be forced to buy government approved private insurance policies for themselves and their children, when they previously may have qualified for medicade, (sorry, not now) or were legally entitled to emergency care treatment at no cost (oops, another no, no).

The real tragedy of Obama-Care is not the devastating political impact that it is already having on the president and the Democrat Party, but of the unintended negative consequences on those that it was designed to help.  There is nothing in the bill that even attempts to address the issue of improving the quality of health care and lowering its costs.  The bill simply FORCES 32 million people into private insurance plans.  An unmitigated wind-fall for big pharma. and those evil insurance companies the president loves to vilify.

Concoct a flawed policy (possibly an un-constitutional one) fill it with tons of negative unintended consequences and cram it down the American People’s throat… that is how you commit: “Suicide by Pelosi!”