May 2010 Bring Us A Little LESS Hope And A Lot MORE Change.

Hope is way over-rated.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of times when hope comes in very handy.  You want hope if you are sitting at a roulette table, or a slot machine.  Hope is great if you’re opening a Christmas present or checking the weather report before heading to the beach.  On the other hand, hope is NOT such a hot thing if you’re sitting on a plane and the captain announces: “we hope we’ll be landing in Chicago in an hour and fifteen minutes.”  You really don’t want to hear a building engineer say: “I hope we put in enough rebar to support the top ten floors,” or your surgeon to say: “I hope we were supposed to operate on the left lung…”  You get the idea.

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States on a platform of “Hope & Change.”  Although there was an unprecedented wave of ‘hope’ that swept over the nation it has thus far ushered in very little real ‘change,’ and what change has occurred has been largely unwanted.  When Obama was sworn into office the national unemployment rate was 7.6%.  In spite of his assurances that unemployment would not reach 8% (thanks to his $700 billion corporate bail-out program) the unemployment level is now over 10%.  A year ago, our National Debt stood at a staggering level of approximately $10 trillion, today it is over $12 trillion and increasing by $3.76 billion PER DAY.  In the past year U.S. casualties in Afghanistan have nearly tripled from the year before; 155 killed in 2008 and 318 killed in the first year of the new era of “Hope & Change.”  Over the past year nothing of significance has been done to slow down Iran from its determined campaign to acquire a nuclear arsenal.  For seven years, from the end of 2001 till the Obama inauguration in January 2008 there was not a single terrorist attack on American soil.  Now, in the span of less than one year, there have been three terrorist attacks on American soil:  Little Rock, AR, June 2, ‘09; Ft. Hood, TX, November 05, ‘09 and Detroit MI December 25, (Christmas Day) ‘09.

Hope is great if you’re going to Las Vegas, but it absolutely stinks as the premise for a National domestic or foreign policy!  Please Mr. President, as we enter 2010, could you keep your “Audacity of Hope” to yourself and give the rest of us more of the kind of “change” that you promised.


4 Responses to “May 2010 Bring Us A Little LESS Hope And A Lot MORE Change.”

  1. Roger Says:

    Hope is a negative word when it comes to politics.

    “Hope is the belief something good will happen without your effort.”

    In other words, it is just wishing that you’ll have good fortune without doing what’s right or without doing what is necessary to accomplish your goals.

    “Hope” is exactly what we don’t need. This administration is build on hope and nothing else.

    I am so fed up with Obama and the whole Democratic Congress that I am ready to revolt.

    If it was not for great America’s like Glenn Beck we would have little voice. I believe the Real Americans are going to unite and overthrough these idiots in Washington.

    Remember they need our funds to keep this government going. We have to figure out a way to keep them from taxing us. Someone knows how we do this, and I’m ready to follow his lead. I believe he will appear on the scene soon.

    Roger Schreiner

  2. Brian Schreiner Says:

    Good post, Rick. I never thought that deeply about the word “hope” and its use by Obama and other politicans. It’s pretty silly when you think about it… We’re supposed to “hope” that things will be better. That’s not the American way! The American way is about hard work and determination. You’re exactly right– when it comes to “hope,” I’ll take some at the casino, but that’s about it. I don’t need any “hope” in my everyday life. Hard work and determination will do it for me.

  3. on the pike Says:

    Don’t disparage the concept of hope….there’s still a future for that word in politics. For instance:

    1. I hope that a new President will come into office in 2 years.
    2. I hope the healthcare system will survive Obamacare.
    3. I hope that Eric Holder will no longer serve as an accomplice to terrorists who crave the publicity and forum Holder is willing to give them
    4. I hope that the crooked Democrats who have held Congress and America hostage go down in flames in the November elections.
    5. I hope that Obama leaves the White House with the same level of class Bush left.
    6. I hope the ignorant masses who hijacked the 2008 elections will stay home for the next 2.
    7. I hope the next President will make all illegal residents register and pay taxes to help us out of this Democratic-driven deficit.
    8. I hope our country has enough time to return to its former glory before China calls all the debt they’ve underwritten here.
    9. I hope the youth, whose future has been bankrupted by the liberal left, rise up in dissent and vote for fiscally conservative and responsible leaders.
    10. I hope the media goes up in flames and news is reported by people who are sworn to tell the unembellished truth.

    As you can see, Hope in the right hands has a good future.

  4. This is Pooh Says:

    The recent terrorist attack in NY by SUV underscores how little hope we now have to combat terrorism on our shores. Yes, vilifying George Bush has passed Baseball as the new American pasttime, but this American longs for the days when we had a real leader who surrounded himself with seasoned veterans who knew what they were doing. Under Bush’s watch, we were all safer than we are now. It’s been one attack after another and our only hope that it will stop is for the voters to go to the ballot boxes in November and enact the real change we need. Ted Kennedy is dead and has been replaced by a Republican in the bluest state in the country. Robert Byrd is nearing the end of what will be his last term. Chris Dodds is avoiding the humiliation of being defeated by not running for re-election. Harry Reid is behind in his state polls. And God willing, Nancy Pelosi and her arrogant smile will be out the door. This is the change we need. This is the change that will reinvigorate Hope. Go America!!!

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