Strike Up The Band!

We all know the story of the Titanic.  For me, one of the most fascinating historical facts of this horrible tragedy was how the ship’s band played on, even as the ship was falling apart and plunging into the icy Atlantic.  As none of the musicians survived, we only have anecdotal reports that the final song was either “Nearer My God To Thee” or “Autumn.”  Either one, a most suitable selection.  In hindsight, the cause of the Titanic’s demise is so easy to understand that it is hard to comprehend the mis-guided and poor judgment of the captain.  The ship was doing something that it had never done before as it was on her maiden voyage.  Notwithstanding that fact, the captain had her racing at full throttle through a known ice-field in the middle of the night.  One can hardly imaging a more perfect scenario for complete and utter disaster.

The many parallels between the Titanic and the partisan Democrat-only health care bill are just too obvious to ignore.  Not even Michael Moore could write a more poignant sequel.  After months of arm-twisting, coercion, and finally, outright shameless bribery, the entire Democrat Party has now walked lock-step behind co-captains Reid and Pelosi into the USS Titanic… bon voyage!  The “icebergs” could not be bigger, more numerous, or more dangerous now than they were in those frigid north Atlantic waters on the night of April 14, 1912.  Roughly 80% of all Americans are satisfied with their current health care.  By a ratio of 60-40% Americans are against the Democrat bill.  More than 50% of all Americans now believe it is preferable to do nothing rather than jam this disastrous and unwanted bill down the country’s throat.  If the legislation is to succeed it must – by design – slash $500B from Medicare and raise $500B in taxes. The unintended consequences are just too numerous and complex to see, let alone analyze and understand.  Never mind all these “icebergs…” co-captains Reid and Pelosi have given the order: FULL STEAM AHEAD!

I don’t know if either Reid or Pelosi know “Nearer My God To Thee” or “Autumn,” if not, they can just hum a few bars, because very soon it will be time for them to strike up the band!


2 Responses to “Strike Up The Band!”

  1. Brian Schreiner Says:

    Sad. That’s the appropriate word here, I think. It’s sad that a near majority of our politicians are supporting “health care reform” bill. Any objective person knows it’s a disaster. Our elected officials are weak. And it’s sad. The road ahead isn’t going to be as nice as the road behind. Great post. Merry Christmas.

  2. Roger Says:


    The best and the worst.

    Your comparison of the Titanic’s circumstances is your “best” ever. And this is the “worst” situation imaginable.

    You have to wonder what the hell will bring them out of this spending spree. Has everyone forgotten how to say “no”?

    Instead of watching a disaster movie, just turn on C-SPAN sometime and watch these idiots. You won’t believe it! You have to wonder how these people got elected. They have to know that they can’t possibily be re-elected? I will do everything in my power to stop them from being re-elected. They certainly do NOT represent me or most of my fellow Amercas.

    This is so dam frustrating, I just want to scream!

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