A Slow Motion Train Wreck

A slow motion train wreck is the most descriptive, honest and accurate way that I can think of to describe the first eleven months of the Obama presidency.  The nation is reeling from a $3.27 trillion failed stimulus program with unemployment well over 10% and climbing, each American household share of the national debt over $500,000 and growing, and bitter partisan fighting on Capitol Hill grinding other domestic initiatives to a standstill.  No wonder the Media has been so focused on the president’s failed domestic agenda.

As ugly as this slow motion train wreck has been, I’m afraid that we ain’t seen nothing yet.  To borrow a word from the administration’s talking points, the focus of the president, and the nation, is about to “pivot,” but I’m afraid it’s not going to “pivot” in the administration’s favor.  There are many ominous clouds forming on the horizon of the Obama foreign policy agenda, and unfortunately, the horizon is not far off at all.  Of obvious concern is the president’s failure to commit to his own previously clearly defined policy in Afghanistan.  Without a significant Bush-style military surge in that country, most analysts agree that the war there will be lost.  However, it is likely that Afghanistan will not prove to be this administration’s biggest challenge overseas.

Contrary to what any effective foreign policy should do, Obama’s foreign policy has thus far strained relations with our allies and emboldened our enemies.  Instead of pressuring Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program, this administration has pushed our ally Israel into a corner where soon – very soon – it will have no alternative but to attack Iran with or without U.S. support.  In a recent interview, Zbigniew Brezinski, a top Obama National Security Advisor, and former Chief National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter (remember how effective they were in dealing with Iran) said that if Israel launches a preemptive attack to take out Iranian nuclear sites that we should shoot down Israeli fighters.  Now that’s the kind of talk that is sure to engender deep trust between America and its allies.

Obama may not have a clue on how to deal with the war in Afghanistan.  He may also lack the vision and conviction to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat, but as he looks on, like a deer dazed by oncoming headlights, Israel must and will act.  In responding to a direct question as to whether Israel is prepared to attack Iran if necessary, Daniel Gillerman, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. mocked our president and said: “Taking words from your president, Yes we can… and yes we will.”  It is becoming increasing clear that if this administration will not step up and lead than it will be pushed out of the way, just like the aftermath of a slow motion train wreck.


2 Responses to “A Slow Motion Train Wreck”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Wow, Clearspeak, Very scary and very true. Train wreck is an accurate description, so many things just seem to be spiraling out of control and the president seems to have no idea what to do except talk, talk, talk. The failure of his Asian trip was a real wake up call. To have the Chinese lecture us about our inability to adhere to basic precepts of capatalism is embarrasing to say the least. By embacing WEAKNESS, Obama is effectvely placating our enemies, frustrating our alles, losing the support of the American people, and, losing the respect of the U.S. military. America needs a LEADER, not a nice smilng, “well-spoken, clean, articulate” black man. (Joe Biden)

  2. AndyR Says:

    America needs to wake the f up. Pelosi needs to go, Reid needs to go. And in 2 years, Obama needs to go. Or we need to all learn Chinese.

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