Terrorism By Any Other Name Is Still Terrorism

If, on September 12, 2001, I were to tell you that in eight long years there would not be another single terrorist attack on American soil, you would have understandably told me that I was absolutely crazy.  Well, astoundingly, that is precisely what the Bush administration delivered to the American people.  Eight long years of peace and security within our borders.  Thank you, President Bush!  Now, within just one year of the Obama administration there have been two Islamic terrorist attacks in the American heartland.

On June 1, 2009, in a cold, calculated, pre-meditated act of terrorism, Abdulakim Margahid Muhammad drove up to a west Little Rock military recruiting station and indiscriminately opened fire killing one young American serviceman and severely injuring another.  Muhammad described this attack as a justified act of “Jihad” against America.  He was arrested and charged with one count of homicide and 15 counts of “terroristic threatening.”

On November 5, 2009, Nidal Malik Hasan calmly walked into a crowded personnel area of Ft. Hood, Texas armed with two hand guns, one a semi-automatic.  He reportedly yelled in Arabic: “Allah Akbar” (God is Great) and then proceeds to gun down 43 American servicemen and civilians, killing 13 and wounding 30.  Authorities quickly release preliminary information about Hasan, a Major in the U.S. military, showing that he had on numerous occasions expressed sympathy and support for various terrorist activities.  He is reported to be associated with various internet postings and blogs praising suicide bombers, among other activities.  After much of this information came out, approximately some four to five hours after the massacre, Obama made his first public comments at a Tribal Nations Conference of native Americans.  The president spent several minutes bantering with the crowd and even offered a light-hearted “shout out” to his pal, “Joe Medicine Crow” before addressing the terrorist attack.   

Obviously, neither of these horrific attacks were of the scope or scale of the terrorist attacks of 09/11, though for the innocent victims that makes absolutely no difference.  The fact remains, President Bush kept the American homeland safe from terrorist attack for eight long years; President Obama unfortunately, cannot say the same thing for even the first short year of his administration.  “Hope & Change?”  Well, when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks on American soil, all one can say of President Obama is: No He Can’t.


4 Responses to “Terrorism By Any Other Name Is Still Terrorism”

  1. on the pike Says:

    There is no dispute – under President Bush’s watch, after 9/11, our country was safe from terrorist attacks.

    There is no dispute – under President Obama, we have now suffered 2 terrorist attacks, thankfully, not on the scale of 9/11. Still we lost Americans who had every right to believe they were safe in their own country.

    Now, does this correlate with us having a President who is committed to being “politically correct” and politically reactive for the liberals who want to prove their way is the best way? Have military policies changed that dramatically since Obama took office or are Islamist extremists feeling less risk now that Obama is in office? That’s a question we all have to ask, and it’s appropriate on this day, Veteran’s Day, to ask that question. Many people, and their families, sacrificed their lives and their way of lives so that we may have the freedom to live without fear. In commemoration of that sacrifice, we have to ask if we are better off with a President who has such little knowledge of the terrorist risks we face.

    • mombo Says:

      Interesting perspective, on the pike. Two attacks. Less than one year. It is frightening.

      Thank you, Veterans for your bravery, courage and sacrifice for our country. You are true hero’s.

  2. mombo Says:

    Clearspeak, it is totally unbelievable. Talk about a circus. Madison Square Garden would be a more appropriate venue. I hope someone can appreciate my issue: In a civilian court, there must be the presumption of innocence until the jury finds the individual guilty. I would like to ask you and your readers to picture the jury that would presume Khalid Sheik Mohammed innocent. It is to those individuals we will entrust the responsibility of arriving at an appropriate and just verdict. If that does not scare you, than nothing will. If the turban doesn’t fit, they indeed will acquit. This should not surprise anyone.

    On another yet equally disturbing note, KSM has admitted (proudly) to the crimes he is going to be tried for. Oh, that’s right, now every American soldier or agent that had anything to do with his capture and admittance of guilt will be microscopically examined. That would be another ring of this 3 ring circus. This will of course, put the pressure, and spotlight, on Bush and McCain (who kept us safe for how many YEARS was that???) and off the obi nation of the White House. Shame on you, anointed one.

    Most importantly how dare the anointed one approve of such reckless spending, delay of justice, RISK of justice and most importantly the safety of our New York brothers and sisters. He has, yet again, out done himself.

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