The Operation Was A Success, But The Patient DIED!

Nearly a year into the new era of “Hope & Change” and there is nary a sign of either.  Approximately 130,000 U.S. forces remain entrenched in Iraq; we just had our deadliest month ever in the eight-year long Afghan war; Iran continues undeterred in its ambition to develop nuclear weapons; and, Gitmo remains open for business in Cuba.  On the domestic front things are no better.  Unemployment is now over 10% and continues to inch higher; earnings, and even the Social Security Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), are frozen or decreasing; the national debt has ballooned to the point where every household in America now owes over half a million dollars to pay for our government’s incompetence; and, Washington is deadlocked in bitter partisan acrimony complete with special interest lobbyists and more opaque back-room wheeling and dealing than ever.  I can think of just one single campaign promise that the president has actually kept, and that was to acquire Bo as the new First Dog.  Woof-Woof: “Yes We Can.”

In light of the stunning failure of the first year of the Obama administration it is no wonder that Congress is determined to hand the president what it misguidedly sees as a victory in health care reform.  Unfortunately, the nearly 2,000 page bill may well prove to be not only a bitter pill for the American people, but a steak through the heart of the Obama administration.  This bill is an absolute prescription for disaster.  I’ll admit that like the vast majority of Americans, and perhaps Congressmen, I have not read the entire bill.  However, I do know that in order to succeed the bill must, by design, cut approximately $500 billion in medicaid to senior citizens, and, raise at least $500 billion in taxes.  No matter how you slice it, the combination of a huge cut in medicaid to seniors and a significant tax hike on the American people is a deadly combination.  Late last week the C.B.O. (Congressional Budget Office) projected that the bill would cost at least $1.05 trillion.  That’s already well over the maximum of $900 billion that the president has pledged to approve.  Not to worry, truth and transparency were two of the earliest casulties of the current regime, who cares about credibility anyway, right?  This is but one fatal flaw in this bureaucratic bungle of a bill.  Perhaps the biggest flaw of all is revealed in a September 2009 Gallup poll showing that an astonishing 80% of all Americans are satisfied with their current quality of medical care.  We’ve all heard horrific stories of doctors mistakenly removing the wrong organ, or amputating the wrong limb.  Well, better cover your eyes because the horror show unfolding on Capital Hill just might make “Friday the 13th” look like “The Little Mermaid.”  I mean really, either Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi already makes Freddie Kruger look like Sponge Bob Square Pants. 

Yes, the Obama administration is understandably desperate for some kind – any kind – of a policy victory.  But by rail-roading this huge bureaucratic partisan monstrosity down the American people’s throat the administration and Congress is heading down an extremely dangerous path.  If passed, the president and many members of Congress, may wake up on November 3, 2010 and 2012 and realize that: the operation was a success but the patient died.


One Response to “The Operation Was A Success, But The Patient DIED!”

  1. mombo Says:

    Well said, Clearspeak! I have to say, I have been thinking a lot about this health care bill, and political affiliation aside, just cannot buy into it. The Gallup poll you referred to justifies my position. 80% of Americans (that is ALL Americans) are satisfied with their health care! That is so important it should be repeated: 80% of Americans are SATISFIED with their health care. No doubt our present health care system can be improved and tweaked, but this level of satisfaction is impressive! Health care just isn’t an issue. Nor should it be. It is being rammed down our throats.

    What IS an issue for this country is our outdated and archaic educational system. No one would argue that our children are made or broken by their educational experiences. Likewise, it takes only a cursory look into our varied schools to see that education in America ranges from extremely poor to excellent. Hundreds of thousands of children do not have access to quality education. Where is their hope? How can they dream? How dare we, as a country, knowingly deprive children of what is a basic Constitutional right. And not make any reasonable steps to repair our schools. Shame on us!

    The poorly educated ARE the unemployed and uninsured. I doubt you could find 5% of Americans that are satisfied with their school district AND think that all American children have equal education.

    Education in America needs to come out of the dark ages, its employees treated as professionals, held to professional standards and responsibilities. Tenure and unions are killing the education of our children. When will elected officials have the courage to think outside the box? Outdated traditions like Regents in NY and the NCLB act are two examples of how NOT to be successful and how to waste money and resources. Funding of our schools is so inequitable it cannot be even addressed in this blog.

    It’s not the1950’s! Many parents are single, and most families have both parents working. Our children need strong pre school and after school programs. We can’t be 9:00 – 3:00 schools any longer.

    If the time, energy and intellectual resources that went into this unwanted health care bill went into restructuring our educational system, we would have a nation of Americans healthier, employed, and smarter than fifth graders.

    We need to work on what needs to be addressed. This health care bill will not only cost a bundle, be ineffective, but most importantly it will keep the focus AWAY from where it needs to be: on education.

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