News Media Found: GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Yes, the verdict is in and few Americans will be surprised that the News Media has been found guilty of rampant corruption and bias.  The verdict was handed down yesterday, Sept. 13, 2009 in an exhaustive ruling conducted by the Pew Research Center .  The Pew Research Center is considered the “highest court in the land” when it comes to all things Media related.  Pew is a non-media affiliated, independent, highly respected research organization considered by those in the Media industry itself to be the most credible organization of its kind out there.  Last October, just before the ’08 Presidential Election, Pew did a research study showing that there was an unprecedented level of Media bias.  That study showed that by a margin of 70% to 9% of all voters (Dem. Rep. and Independents) the Media was biased toward Barack Obama and against John McCain.  As incriminating as that study was, it proved to be a mere prelude to the most recent Pew finding.

Here are just a few shocking facts:  In 1985 a full 55% of all Americans believed that the Media “got the facts straight” compared to a disturbing 29% today.  In 1985, 34% of all Americans believed the Media “dealt fairly with all sides” compared to only 18% today.  The study concludes that the News Media today has the lowest level of credibility in more than two decades.  The study goes on to conclude that The New York Times, once the iconic standard of Media credibility, only has a current favorability rating of 29%, whereas FOX News has a current favorability rating of 55% of all Americans.  That’s right, FOX News has a higher favorability rating among all Americans than The New York Times by a margin of 26%!  I urge you to click on the link above and review the full study for yourself.

Now that the verdict is in, the public has already begun to pronounce sentencing.  It is a harsh punishment indeed.  The American people have sentenced the Main Stream News Media to “life in solitary confinement.”  The public are fleeing Main Stream News Media organizations in droves.  Where are they going?  Well, the statistics show that they are flocking to FOX News.  According to the Huffington Post, hardly a conservative-leaning news source, FOX News completely dominates cable news.  These findings, based on Nielsen Ratings, show that in the first quarter of 2009 FOX News had more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined.  It also showed that 9 of the top 10 cable news shows were all FOX News programs.  Not only that, but the top 9 of the top 10 news programs belonged to FOX News.  If it were not for “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” slipping into 10th place FOX News would have a top 10 sweep.  Even the late night REPEAT of the number one cable news program (The O’Reilly Factor) handily beats MSNBC’s number ten “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.”  Not a single CNN news program is even close to cracking the top ten list.  It appears that the result of a rampantly corrupt and biased News Media is an absolute boom for FOX News which now has complete and total domination of all cable news.  One might even say that there is a FOX in the hen… humm, make that the PEACOCK house.


One Response to “News Media Found: GUILTY AS CHARGED!”

  1. On the pike Says:

    One day, in the not so distant future, we will have a revolution by disgruntled conservatives and liberals alike because of the absence of objective and reliable news sources PERIOD. Everyone, especially the Media, has an agenda. Hence, the mediocrity in Media. The decay of the printed word represents not only fallen revenue from the once respected newspapers of our time, but also signals the lack of confidence in media by our society in general. For as many conservatives that complain about the lack of equitable coverage, there are just as many liberals who muttered the same complaints during the Bush administration. It’s time to demand accountability from the Fourth Estate!

    Many of us are counting on history to record the true successes and failures of the last 20 years. But what happens to those of us who yearn for the truth now? Where do we go? What do we read? Who do we listen to? Herein lies the dilemma of our generation. We have no ClearSpeakers in Media, just in this blog.

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