Mr. President, “You LIE!”

I am amused by the national uproar over Rep. Joe Wilson’s obvious breach of decorum during the recent presidential address to Congress.  I’m not a big fan of heckling the President of the United States, but at least there were no shoes thrown.  Putting etiquette aside, what Joe Wilson said bears repeating: the President is indeed a LIAR.  Not just any run of the mill liar, but a really, really big liar.  So big a liar, that I cannot think of a single campaign promise that he has kept.  Here’s just an abbreviated list:

  •  Campaign finance reform:  He made a unilateral pledge to campaign finance reform and broke that promise months before the election. 
  • No lobbyists in his administration:  What a joke.  Take your pick… Eric Holder, Attorney General, lobbyist for Covington & Burling; Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary, lobbyist for the National Education Association; Ron Klain, Biden’s Chief of Staff, lobbyist at O’Melveny & Myers; David Hays, Deputy Secretary of the Interior, lobbyist for Latham & Watkins; and of course, William Lynn, Deputy Defense Secretary, lobbyist for Rayteon.
  •  Withdrawal of troops from Iraq:  Obama waffled on this promise, first stating that he’d withdraw all forces from Iraq within one year, later he said he’d pull out all “combat forces” within six months.  He’s lied on both variations of this promise.
  •  Transparency in governance:  Obama specifically promised to post all pending legislation on-line so that the American people would have ample time to read and debate.  If he had not lied about this too, maybe some congressmen would have actually read the stimulus bill before voting for it.
  • Closing GITMO:  After some preliminary chatter about possibly opening a GITMO-type facility here in the U.S., the original Cuba version remains open for business and as popular as ever.
  •  Bi-partisan cooperation:  I don’t believe that I’ve ever see the political climate in this country more poisoned, fragmented, and partisan than it is today.

 This is just a partial list of promises already broken in nine short months.  Stay tuned for those that appear likely to fall into the ‘bold faced lie’ category including my personal favorites:  Any health care reform will be ‘deficit neutral,’ and, the U.S. will do everything necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

 Rep. Wilson, you definitely got the county’s attention.  Some may not like the way you said it, but it is absolutely the truth:… President Obama, “YOU LIE!”


5 Responses to “Mr. President, “You LIE!””

  1. Roger Says:


    Wilson’s remarks, and now your “clear speaking.” has also ignited a new life in me to fight for our Freedom!

    You might enjoy this little story: I was watching the address intentlyon Wednesday night. I must have shouted out “that’s a lie!” so many times, that my wife angryly shouted at me “please shut up so I can listen!” I finally got myself under control, jus in time to hear Wilson’s timely comment.

    Yes, I too am guilty of calling him a LIAR, not once but dozens of times during the address. And I am not going to stop until the truth is heard.

    I thank you, and the other “Real Americans” for seeking the truth during these dark days. Please continue to speak clearly and truthfully, even if you have to interupt those who are taking away our freedom.

  2. mombo Says:

    Clearspeak, Thanks for clarifying! You are correct on BOTH counts, not the prober decorum, but

  3. mombo Says:

    Scary, isn’t it? I am sure that there are many that thought Obama will be refreshing, a change and voted for that. Well I for one agree with you….CHANGE is overrated (after all, who kept us safe for years after 9-11?) and I was HOPING for more of the same….wishful thinking.

    Not only has he lied, he has misrepresented WHO he is. He hasbeen an active, participating and LOYAL participant of two counterproductive (dare I say racist) organizations for years…..ACORN and his affiliation with Rev. Writes church. Anyone who believes that Rev. Write got caught ONE time speaking hateful words needs to have their head examined. Just go on the websiet of the church and read the 10 points of Vision….talk about racist…..He listened to that garbage for YEARS…and supported it for years. Only those that don’t want to believe that will not believe that.
    ACORN will prove itself…lets see how that trash plays out. So yes, our esteemed president is indeed a liar. Not only in words buy and deed but by how he portrays his character.

  4. mombo Says:

    Clearspeak, sorry for this THIRD response….I just have to vent.

    If Queen Nancy decides to belittle and berate Rep. Wilson AFTER he apologized and AFTER the anointed one accepted his apology, I suggest that our representatives either have to use the restroom, put on ear muffs, or insert ear plugs. A civil response to insanity.

  5. On the pike Says:

    Here’s a shock: regardless of opinion, heckling the President of the United States diminishes not only the respect to which his office is entitled, but also belittles the reputation of the American people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when Republicans start to act like some of the moronic Democrats, we have a problem.

    How President Obama’s hypocrisies actually measure up to any achievements has yet to be determined, but when we allow the process to be muddied with this type of behavior, we as a society are doomed.

    I would much rather that our discourse graduate to a more civil, productive tone. Democrats who are unable to mimic civil should be able to watch the Republicans, once we get our act better together.

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