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Obama’s Three Stooges

March 8, 2009

Do you remember “The Three Stooges” Moe, Larry and Curly?  Well, they’re back: “hello… hello… hello!”  And they are even more hysterical than ever!  The only real difference is that this time their slap-stick comedy routine comes right out of the White House spin room.  There is James “Curly” Carville, Paul “Larry” Begala, and, Rham “Moe” Emmanuel.  These guys are a riot.  “Curly” Carville looks like a cross between “Mr. Clean” and the character “Odd-Job” from the 007 James Bond movie series.  He’s a throw-back to a worn out, and largely forgotten political legacy, who’s tried feebly to adapt to a bloated wannabe throng of relevant corporate consultants.  His bumbling character is complemented perfectly by “Larry” Begala who plays the role of a tired old Media wonk, who’s persona and ego is very much reminiscent of the news anchor “Lou” from the old Mary Tyler Moore Show.  “Moe” Emmanuel plays the straight man of the comical trio, and as the President’s Chief of Staff, does all he can to keep Curly and Larry in line.  Keep tuned into the White House spin machine, and no matter how dire or serious our nation’s problems, you’ll see their zany and slap-stick routine bring comical relief to the most desperate of situations.


I don’t know about you, but I for one, am so happy that the Three Stooges are back!