A Media Crime Spree


As if stealing the presidential election was not bad enough (Pew Research Center), the Media has now stolen Iraq.  I mean really, where is it?  Up until the final days of the Bush administration it was plastered all over the Media.  Now you can’t find it anywhere.  The Media has taken it right off the map.  Perhaps it’s not all that surprising that the Media has shifted its focus from Iraq to domestic issues.  After all, the president does appear to be overwhelmed with monumental challenges at home, as well as, abroad.  His erratic economic policy, as epitomized by an unpopular partisan Democrat spending bill that is unprecedented in scope, is a prime example.  The embarrassing series of cabinet and high level administration appointment blunders is also noteworthy: Richardson, Geithner, Daschle, Lynn, Killefer, and now, Gregg, to name the most obvious.  All this leaves the Media in a very uncomfortable position.  They can either report honestly and objectively on the stunning failures of the president’s short domestic record, or turn to the foreign policy achievements of President Bush.  They are loathe to do either, but fortunately, President Bush’s record of accomplishment in Iraq is self evident, albeit largely ignored.


In order to fairly evaluate the U.S. intervention in Iraq, one must recall the historical record and premise to go to war.  There are three irrefutable facts to consider:


1.)  Saddam Hussein possessed and used weapons of mass destruction in the genocidal killing of thousands of Kurdish civilians in his own country.  In one horrific WMD attack, Hussein killed more civilians in a single day than all of the U.S. casualties over the six-year period of the war.  Hussein was also responsible for the deaths of between 1.0 – 1.5 million Iraqis and Iranians during the eight year Iran-Iraq War.


2.)  The United Nations passed 11 Security Council Resolutions authorizing the use of force against Saddam Hussein.  The final resolution, UNSCR 1441 was unanimously adopted.


3.)  The United States Congress, in broad bi-partisan support, authorized the use of force against the regime of Saddam Hussein.  The full congress voted 374-156 in favor of the Iraq War Resolution, a majority of all Democrat senators (29-21) voted for military action.


The accomplishments of U.S. intervention in Iraq are also startling.  Approximately 28 million people have been liberated from one of the most oppressive dictators on earth, saving countless lives.  Freedom and democracy have taken a foot-hold in the heart of the Middle-East, with among the fewest U.S. casualties of any other conflict in our nation’s history.  In fact, the number of Americans killed on our nation’s highways every six weeks exceeds the number of all U.S. servicemen killed in Iraq during the past six years! (U.S. auto fatalities)


Finally, the ultimate verdict as to whether our efforts to liberate Iraq were worthwhile or not, will not be determined by some pundit in the American Press, but rather by the Iraqi people themselves.  With Iraq emerging as a proud, free, democratic and affluent society, I imagine the assessment of the Iraqi people will both confound and shock many an American journalist.


They may not want to put it back on the map, but at some point the Media will have to recogize the new Iraq, and acknowledge that President Bush is its main architect.



8 Responses to “A Media Crime Spree”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Great article! It is hard to argue with the inconvenient truth. The video by that name is not truth but this is.

  2. mombo Says:

    Ahhh, Clearspeak! You said it eloquently. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to seek the truth and connect the dots. We need more people like you!! President Bush should go down in histroy as one of the greatest and underappreciated Presidents in our history.

  3. JC Says:

    Give me a break. The “acomplishments” you listed waisted american tax dollars and american lives. As for the Iraqi people, generally, they were safer under Sadam than what they have now. The only “acomplishment” in iraq is that we ended up bribing thug groups with money and guns to keep them from shooting our troops. More guns to nuts is not a good long term solution. Iraq has been a miserable failure from the day we entered and will be until the day we will eventually leave.

  4. mombo Says:

    Brilliant, JC.

    A shame you are serious.

  5. mombo Says:

    BTW, JC, interesting that you were correct in capitalizing Iraqi when referring to the Iraqi people but did not have the courtesy to capitalize AMERICAN when referring to lives lost. Once, an oversight; twice, stupidity or disrespect. Take your pick.

  6. Eileen Says:

    JC, it is very clear you have no idea what you are talking about. Try reading reports written by people who have been over there. The Iraqi people had 35 years of brutallity under Saddam. Try reading My Year in Iraq by J.Paul Bremer. I would be inclined to think your only source of information is the main stream media. But you don’t even sound that informed.

  7. On the pike Says:

    In the midst of the worst economic meltdown in the post-Depression era, Hillary wants to send $900 million to Gaza. Not only is the Media ignoring Iraq, they’re also letting Hillary off the hook.

    Bush not only liberated the citizens of Iraq, he laid the groundwork and foundation for real democracy and freedom. Touting these very real accomplishments does nothing to satiate the feeding frenzy of the Media who still want the blood of every Republican.

    Still, as we struggle with rising unemployment and a panicked country, Hillary wants to send $900 million to Gaza. Instead of asking our government to send money that should be staying here to help our citizens, maybe she should dig deep in the pockets of the Clinton Foundation since funds came from the illgotten gains of Slick Willy. Where’s the Media now?

  8. s t Says:

    “Bush not only liberated the citizens of Iraq, he laid the groundwork and foundation for real democracy and freedom.”

    OMG, this site is a RIOT! HILARIOUS! best comedy on the net, hands down!

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