A Government Mugging…


“Everybody down on the floor this is a STICK UP!”  Hey, I’ve heard that voice before… isn’t that….  “Nobody move, do exactly as the President says, and no one will get hurt.”  That’s right, it is the President of the United States and the U.S. congress stealing our money.  Hard to believe, but just as sure as a gun to the back of our head, the government is taking our hard earned dollars to pay for what they screwed up and can’t afford to fix.  If anyone else did that they would go to jail.  Did you tell the government that they must pressure banks and lenders to give mortgages to unqualified borrowers that would then default on their loans in massive numbers?  Of course not, you would never do anything that stupid.  They must have done this all on their own.  You can’t dial 911, or the local police, this is your own government screwing you over, after all.


O.K., so, we’ve been ripped off, but how bad can it be?  Can’t we just go back to the A.T.M. and get more money?  Unfortunately, this is not just any run-of-the-mill street mugging.  The government is taking nearly two trillion dollars: $2,000,000,000,000. (TARP & Bailout II) of money that does not even exist to cover its own ass(ets).  Forget about 2 trillion, just try to figure out what 1 trillion dollars is.


Since the founding of our nation till the early 1980’s, well over 200 years, we’ve spent a mountain of money.  The Louisiana Purchase, the Purchase of Alaska, two World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Great Depression and the New Deal, etc…  All the deficit spending in this more than 200 year period finally hit the 1 trillion dollar mark in the early 1980’s.  Now, in a single day, with one single stroke of the pen, Pres. Obama is poised to double a 200 plus year deficit!  This is the scope of this travesty!  Any hope of recovery from the magnitude of this theft is gone – forever – just like your money.  This administration and this congress have not only mugged you, but your children and their children, and maybe even theirs as well.  Unfortunately, there is simply no law enforcement left to call.  Welcome to the new America of “hope & change.”


15 Responses to “A Government Mugging…”

  1. mombo Says:

    Hard to believe. We are no longer the land of opportunity. We are officially land of minimalists. I plan to work as little as possible to maximize the government spending on my personal gain. Why bother to work hard, live modestly and try to accumulate a little nest egg. Who needs a nest egg, when there is Uncle Sam to look after us all. A small step for Nobama and a huge step for socialism. Shame on you Collins, Snow and Spector. I hope the rest of the Rebpulicans black ball the daylights out of them. Big time. I pray their home consituants (Maine and Pennsylvania) do the same.

    For the first time in my adult life I am ASHAMED of my government.

  2. mombo Says:

    Sorry about misspelling Republicans. I was so upset I did not read it well enough. I really am upset.

  3. Roger Schreiner Says:

    Clear Speak,

    You make so much sense, and they are such idiots, and I am so frustrated, and I feel so helpless, I just want them (in government) to go home and TURN ON their gas stoves and then very, very slowly go and look for some matches…

  4. Roger Schreiner Says:

    How Much is One Trillion Dollars?

    Everyone is tossing around the words millions, billions and
    trillions. With the national debt now topping $10 trillion,
    following a $700 billion bank rescue and proposed $800
    billion-plus stimulus package, some of us have become numb
    to these numbers. Perhaps a better way to get a grasp of
    these numbers is to use them to describe some other large

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s annual budget is
    about $7.5 billion. So, a trillion dollars would fund the
    EPA in present dollars for more than 130 years. The
    National Science Foundation and the National Cancer
    Institute have budgets of about $6 billion. You could fund
    them for almost 200 years.

    If you can’t identify these, how about this: With one
    trillion dollars you could buy 1,000,000,000,000 McDonald
    cheeseburgers. That’s about 3,200 double cheeseburgers for
    every person in America, or 160 double cheeseburgers for
    every person on earth!

    It’s hard to get your arms around $1,000,000,000,000, but
    here’s something that you might hit home for you (if you’ve
    have the stomach to look at the balance of your retirement
    account.) A trillion dollars could replace ALL the
    dollars lost in retirement plans since the market meltdown,
    both for 401(k)’s and IRA’s.

    A trillion dollars could match the number of stars in the
    Milky Way. A trillion dollar would be enough to buy 1,000
    boxes of Girl Scout cookies for every person in the United
    States. And a trillion one dollar bills stacked one on top
    of the other would reach 68,000 miles into the sky, or
    about one third of the way to the moon. To spend a
    trillion dollars you would have to spend more than a
    million dollars every day since Jesus was born.

    A million seconds is about 11 and a half days, a billion
    seconds is about 32 years, and a trillion seconds is 32,000

    According to Nancy Pelosi, if we don’t act quickly a half a
    billion people in the US will suffer unnecessarily. Well,
    since the current US population is slightly over
    303,000,000 that must mean there will be 200,000,000 new
    births in the US before sundown. And this, my friends, is
    the “intelligent and hardworking leadership” that Obama is
    so damn proud of.

    These idiots in Washington just need to go home. They need
    to go home and stay there for ten years.

    Please, please just stop this nonsense. We cannot spend
    our way out of this. We can only spend our way to poverty.

    My Mother and Father only had an eighth grade education,
    but even they knew we could not spend your way to
    prosperity. Instead they taught us to save and invest. It

    Please, you idiots in Washington, just leave us alone.
    Stop believing you can take water out of the deep end of
    the pool and put it in the shallow end and somehow raise
    the level of the pool.

    Please, just let the weak parts of our struggling economy
    fail and allow the strong parts survive. If you just stop
    spending my tax dollars and get out of the way we can let
    capitalism work and we will be stronger in the long run.
    We need less government intervention – not more.

    If you’d just promise to go on vacation right now, and stay
    on vacation for the next ten years, you will have
    succeeding in doing the best thing you can do for the
    American people.

  5. Eileen Says:

    Hear, Hear Roger! But the ones who need to listen are simply deaf. Hopefully in 2 years we can send a lot of them home for good.

  6. Michael Says:

    Well we can try to do something or do nothing. I do not know what you people think we should do but if you lose your job I think you would want the government to do SOMETHING.

  7. Anandakos Says:


    Ooops! In your rush to tar President Obama, you forgot the five trillion increase in the accumulated debt between 1980 and January 20, 2009. ALL except one of those five trillion were giveaways by Republican presidents (Saint Ronnie and DubyaDown) to upper income voters. The other trillion did accumulate during Clinton’s first term, mostly the result of the early 1990’s recession. However, he actually ran a small overall surplus during his second term. And yes, I know that Newt and The Contract share the credit for that surplus.

    So soon they forget.

    By the way, I filed an abuse complaint on Yahoo because you flogged your blog on their free service. You were too chickenshit to use a Yahoo user, so I suppose they won’t be able to block you in the future. Maybe they’ll plug your URL.

    Mr. Schreiner,

    So you’re advocating “Lehmaning” all the big banks? Well it might be best. No one knows for sure. I know I don’t like the bank bailouts either. It looks like we’ll be doubling that bank figure at least.

    So far as the rest of the stimulus, almost half of it now is revenue side reductions including the AMT patches for 2009 and 2010. A portion of the rest is to top up states who don’t have the ability to borrow. And a LITTLE bit is new spending, mostly on highways. I don’t think spending on new highways at this time makes sense, but fixing old ones certainly does. They have to be fixed some time, and now is the cheapest time to do it. Oil for asphalt or to heat cement kilns is at an amazing low price, there are lots of contractors hungry for a job, and traffic is down so the impacts will be less. What’s not to like about doing it now?

    Your faith in the free market is good, but in a deflationary spiral purses and billfolds snap shut and everyone hunkers down. There’s not much money available to the private sector right now because the banks are seriously hurting. The dollar has temporarily strengthened so our exports are relatively more expensive, and anyway our customers are reeling too.

    So there is really no one other than the government to buy stuff. I’d like it to buy smart, too. But someone must buy to turn this thing around.

  8. clearspeak Says:


    There is no “rush to tar President Obama,” nor any selective amnesia here, only a clear statement of FACT! The immediate issue at hand is not an exploration of the deficit during the 80’s. I welcome your comments, unlike yourself, who apparently would like to censor those with whom you disagree. Oh, by the way, I believe “chickenshit” should be hyphenated.

  9. Michael Says:

    There is no sense in worrying about deficit now President Bush sure did not worry about it during HIS Iraq war.

  10. Eileen Says:

    I would have to agree with Clearspeak. Anyone who would go to the trouble to track the initiater of a blog is making an effort to silence that person. I guess if the left can’t silence conservatives with a socalled fairness doctrine they will attempt to do so in more circuitous ways. The truth will not be quieted however. People long for it, and all the cracks cannot possibly be plugged. If the left is so sure of themselves they should welcome challenging ideas.

  11. Paul Says:


    “A fake blog (sometimes shortened to flog or referred to as a flack blog) is an electronic communication form that appears to originate from a credible, non-biased source, but which in fact is created by a company or organization for the purpose of marketing a product, service, or political viewpoint. The purpose of a fake blog is to inspire viral marketing or create an internet meme that generates traffic and interest in a product”

    I thought some one should enlighten you by showing you the definition of the word you tried to use. You are misled in accusing Clearspeak of “flogging” because Clearspeak is neither promoting a product nor is clearspeak a company or organization. I understand you might be angry that the truth threatens your close-minded views. But please, stop making yourself look bad by falsely accusing others of petty crimes.

  12. Michael Says:

    Here is a song for all of you GOOD Americans.

  13. mombo Says:

    If these idiots do not get voted out of office next election, I am outta here. I would rather live on a boat than deal with this Congressional Recovery Act Program.

    Please encourage other Republicans to support blackballing Snow, Collins and Spector.

  14. Powwa Says:

    This is fast becoming the USSA – United Socialist States of America – and this in less than 100 days! WOW – Obama promised Changed but this is not what kind of change we needed or wanted. Bend over – grab your ankles….you know the rest….

  15. Joe Says:

    Really these problems could be solved if our politicians would simply work within the framework of the constitution. However, since they obviously lack the ability to do so, ignore the text and worse yet trample on our constitutional rights one at a time, it’s up to us as true Americans to enforce the will of our Founders and uphold not only the text but the spirit of the constitution that the government has slowly sought to erode.

    There needs to be some serious change in our suffrage laws. There are too many people in this country who are irresponsible, and if they are allowed to elect leaders who appeal to them then clearly they are going to elect irresponsible leaders when given the chance. The fact that Obama is now the president is a perfect example.

    Suffrage, citizenship and public office should be rewards to people who contribute to society. People who pay taxes & maybe a few other select means (military service, etc.). If you contribute to the government, you can have a say in it. Simple. Anyone can do it if the choose – most of us do it now, afterall. And finally we would be encouraging good, RESPONSIBLE behavior, rather than throwing money at people who do the wrong thing. We pay taxes now and what do we get for it? We get to pay more taxes because lazy, unmotivated people who have no ambition don’t care if they live a minimal existance off of other people’s hard earned dollars for the rest of their lives. And we’re the ones who are told we’re not doing enough, that we’re not patriotic, that we’re unAmerica or cowards.

    I’m sure that if given the choice of not paying taxes or having a say in government the majority of Obama supporters either don’t or wouldn’t pay taxes.

    It’s time for the government to act responsibly, and the only way that is going to happen is if the people are responsible, and we elect responsible representatives. We’ve given up enough rights to an ever expanding government. Now we need less laws, less interference in our private lives, and less government overall.

    Lastly, I know not everyone here will agree with everything or even anything that I’ve said. But thankfully I still have the right to say it. At the very least that has not yet been taken away, although Obama, Pelosi Reed and a slew of other socialists are trying their hardest to erode the 1st amendment more and more.

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