Time to Throw the Challenge Flag!


With the Super Bowl in the history books, football is once again on the shelf until next year.  One of the greatest innovations of the game has to be the challenge rule that permits the coach from either team to throw a red flag out on the field to challenge a ruling when they believe an official has made a bad call.  In the Super Bowl there were a couple challenge flags thrown, and I believe two were upheld over-ruling missed calls on the field.


So far during the Obama administration there have been any number of questionable, and outright, missed calls.  Three in particular have been glaring “personal fouls.”  The officials, or in this case, Media, have not only failed to make the correct calls, they haven’t even come out of the locker room onto the field.


The first infraction was a blatant “un-sportsman like conduct” penalty committed by Timothy Geithner, our new Treasury Secretary.  Geithner admitted that he failed to pay approximately $34,000 in personal income tax over a four year period from 2001-2004, even after being notified in writing by the IRS that he owed these back taxes.  Even with a serial tax evader admitting he stepped out of bounds, the officials simply refuse to even reach for the yellow flag.  Ref’s missed call number one.


The second penalty was an embarrassing “too many players on the field” mistake.  President Obama’s very first official act was to issue an executive order, signing a sweeping new ethics rule prohibiting lobbyists from working in the new administration for a period of two years from the time they stop functioning as lobbyists.  As it turns out, Mr. William Lynn, nominee for Deputy Defense Secretary, was a senior executive for defense contractor Raytheon and an active lobbyist.  Since this nomination clearly violated his own ethics rule, Obama didn’t even pretend it was not a personal foul, he simply asked the Office of Management and Budget to grant Lynn a waiver to his own rule.  The OMB acted swiftly granting the waiver saying that it was, “in the public interest…” to fudge on one of the president’s own new ethics rules.  Ref., make the call!  No such luck – no whistle and no instant replay on this one either.  The Media’s still huddling in the locker room.


Still, early in the game, there is yet another outrageous personal foul, this one “taunting the taxpayer.”  There is another violation involving a first-string cabinet level player.  As if the Geithner fiasco was not bad enough, here comes Tom Daschle to fill in at the position of Director of Health and Human Services.  He stumbles onto the field and falls flat on his face, admitting to a flagrant tax evasion foul right in front of the replay camera, except this one is bigger – $140,000 in unpaid taxes!  Daschle gets to his feet dazed and confused and manges to get to the sideline just in time.  He’s joined on the bench by fellow players, Bill Richardson and Nancy Killefer, who took themselves out of the game earlier, also for a “taunting the taxpayer” violation.  In addition to the referees missing so many calls, it appears that the Obama Team is having serious problems with player eligibility issues.


Wow, has this game ever changed.  I remember that when the Bush Team was on the field, the official Media was right on top of every call.  If the officials are afraid to take the field, will somebody in the stands please throw a challenge flag!


4 Responses to “Time to Throw the Challenge Flag!”

  1. Front Page Junkie Says:

    Timely theme. You should write commentary for a rag – it beats what’s out there now.

    I call myself Front Page Junkie for 2 reasons – I love news, and there’s a lot of junk out there. For instance, today’s headline on http://www.nytimes.com is “Obama’s Pledge to Reform Ethics Faces an Early Test.” Let’s face it, if this was a President McCain Administration, the headline would read, “McCain Breaches Ethics Pledge in First Week.”

    Thanks to the liars running Congress, Eric Holder is our first Black Attorney General. Did we get him because of his color because his resume is smeared with the crap from the Marc Rich pardon? Is this who we want as our Attorney General? So, the headlines nationwide are touting “First Black Attorney General” while my head is screaming “Another Liar on the Obama Cabinet.”

    Flags should be flying left and right. I want to know when the Media is going to say, enough with color commentary, how about substance? If journalism is a behavior, let’s bring in Super Nanny and start instituting some tough love.

  2. Crankier Taxpayer Says:

    Daschle pulled out as the HHS nominee today, right after Nancy Killefer withdraws from consideration for the newly created “Chief Performance Officer.” This was reported in all the major newspapers, none of which called into question Obama’s vetting process.

    I took a day off and spent yesterday polishing my ’61 Corvette to show 3 prospective buyers this weekend. Why? Well, I’m covered in skin, not in political teflon, and I know the $20k that I’m going to owe, due to my own stupidity, is not going away because I’m Joe Schmoe and not Tom Daschle or Tim Geithner or Nancy Killefer or other yet-to-be named Obama nominees. The good news is, I promoted myself from Cranky Taxpayer to Crankier Taxpayer.

    So the papers are reporting this news, but no one is stepping up to ask the pressing question of the day, Why, President Obama, are these mistakes in this terrible economy acceptable to you? And, Barry, you might as well nominate me for Secretary of TicTacToe because I’m going to pay my taxes this year, on time. No scandal for you. I don’t feel sorry for Tommy Dash – he’s gonna go back to lobbying – only he doesn’t call it that – and I’m gonna finish getting my ’61 Corvette ready.

  3. Carl Says:

    Joe Schmoe, congratulations on your promotion. We must be related. I’m getting crankier about things too.

    President Obama was all about change during his campaign. Still, he stood behind Daschle and Geithner. He said these are mistakes. This isn’t change, this is more of the same. He broke a promise but who is going to call him on that.

    The New York Times, for once, threw a flag and called for Daschle to withdraw but they only did it after realizing that kissing butt doesn’t sell papers.

  4. Claire Says:

    Will the Media be on Obama now that he has admitted his mistakes and appointed 18 lobbyists? Stay-tuned. I don’t think the honeymoon between Obama and the Media is over yet. Imus is quoting Hannity this morning saying the reason Democrats don’t mind raising taxes is because they don’t pay them. The truth is funnier than fiction. We need the Media to scrutinize the Obama Administration the way the scrutinized Bush – without that, things will spiral out of control. Flags should be flying everywhere!!!!

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