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A Media Crime Spree

February 12, 2009


As if stealing the presidential election was not bad enough (Pew Research Center), the Media has now stolen Iraq.  I mean really, where is it?  Up until the final days of the Bush administration it was plastered all over the Media.  Now you can’t find it anywhere.  The Media has taken it right off the map.  Perhaps it’s not all that surprising that the Media has shifted its focus from Iraq to domestic issues.  After all, the president does appear to be overwhelmed with monumental challenges at home, as well as, abroad.  His erratic economic policy, as epitomized by an unpopular partisan Democrat spending bill that is unprecedented in scope, is a prime example.  The embarrassing series of cabinet and high level administration appointment blunders is also noteworthy: Richardson, Geithner, Daschle, Lynn, Killefer, and now, Gregg, to name the most obvious.  All this leaves the Media in a very uncomfortable position.  They can either report honestly and objectively on the stunning failures of the president’s short domestic record, or turn to the foreign policy achievements of President Bush.  They are loathe to do either, but fortunately, President Bush’s record of accomplishment in Iraq is self evident, albeit largely ignored.


In order to fairly evaluate the U.S. intervention in Iraq, one must recall the historical record and premise to go to war.  There are three irrefutable facts to consider:


1.)  Saddam Hussein possessed and used weapons of mass destruction in the genocidal killing of thousands of Kurdish civilians in his own country.  In one horrific WMD attack, Hussein killed more civilians in a single day than all of the U.S. casualties over the six-year period of the war.  Hussein was also responsible for the deaths of between 1.0 – 1.5 million Iraqis and Iranians during the eight year Iran-Iraq War.


2.)  The United Nations passed 11 Security Council Resolutions authorizing the use of force against Saddam Hussein.  The final resolution, UNSCR 1441 was unanimously adopted.


3.)  The United States Congress, in broad bi-partisan support, authorized the use of force against the regime of Saddam Hussein.  The full congress voted 374-156 in favor of the Iraq War Resolution, a majority of all Democrat senators (29-21) voted for military action.


The accomplishments of U.S. intervention in Iraq are also startling.  Approximately 28 million people have been liberated from one of the most oppressive dictators on earth, saving countless lives.  Freedom and democracy have taken a foot-hold in the heart of the Middle-East, with among the fewest U.S. casualties of any other conflict in our nation’s history.  In fact, the number of Americans killed on our nation’s highways every six weeks exceeds the number of all U.S. servicemen killed in Iraq during the past six years! (U.S. auto fatalities)


Finally, the ultimate verdict as to whether our efforts to liberate Iraq were worthwhile or not, will not be determined by some pundit in the American Press, but rather by the Iraqi people themselves.  With Iraq emerging as a proud, free, democratic and affluent society, I imagine the assessment of the Iraqi people will both confound and shock many an American journalist.


They may not want to put it back on the map, but at some point the Media will have to recogize the new Iraq, and acknowledge that President Bush is its main architect.



A Government Mugging…

February 7, 2009


“Everybody down on the floor this is a STICK UP!”  Hey, I’ve heard that voice before… isn’t that….  “Nobody move, do exactly as the President says, and no one will get hurt.”  That’s right, it is the President of the United States and the U.S. congress stealing our money.  Hard to believe, but just as sure as a gun to the back of our head, the government is taking our hard earned dollars to pay for what they screwed up and can’t afford to fix.  If anyone else did that they would go to jail.  Did you tell the government that they must pressure banks and lenders to give mortgages to unqualified borrowers that would then default on their loans in massive numbers?  Of course not, you would never do anything that stupid.  They must have done this all on their own.  You can’t dial 911, or the local police, this is your own government screwing you over, after all.


O.K., so, we’ve been ripped off, but how bad can it be?  Can’t we just go back to the A.T.M. and get more money?  Unfortunately, this is not just any run-of-the-mill street mugging.  The government is taking nearly two trillion dollars: $2,000,000,000,000. (TARP & Bailout II) of money that does not even exist to cover its own ass(ets).  Forget about 2 trillion, just try to figure out what 1 trillion dollars is.


Since the founding of our nation till the early 1980’s, well over 200 years, we’ve spent a mountain of money.  The Louisiana Purchase, the Purchase of Alaska, two World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Great Depression and the New Deal, etc…  All the deficit spending in this more than 200 year period finally hit the 1 trillion dollar mark in the early 1980’s.  Now, in a single day, with one single stroke of the pen, Pres. Obama is poised to double a 200 plus year deficit!  This is the scope of this travesty!  Any hope of recovery from the magnitude of this theft is gone – forever – just like your money.  This administration and this congress have not only mugged you, but your children and their children, and maybe even theirs as well.  Unfortunately, there is simply no law enforcement left to call.  Welcome to the new America of “hope & change.”

Deja Vu All Over Again

February 4, 2009


You know, sometimes you just can’t see the forest through the trees.  The answer to our country’s economic crisis is so simple I’m amazed that our president and our congress haven’t seen it.  Massive government spending of money we don’t have will only balloon the national debt to unrecoverable levels.  The better approach is to stimulate private sector spending that will only drive up personal debt and not the national debt.  Congress could simply pass a bill that would require banks to issue credit cards to un-qualified lenders.  That’s right, basically a credit card to anyone who wanted one, the higher the spending limit the better.   They could pull a trick out of the Jimmy Carter playbook and call this bill something like the: “Consumer Reinvestment Act.”  This would really stimulate the economy.  Millions of people could then go out and buy, buy, buy.  They could buy whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, whether they needed it or not, or could afford it or not.  It would be much better to have private citizens do this rather than the government.  This would accomplish two of the president’s stated priorities, to “spread the wealth around,” and to jump start the economy.  Government would love it because it would create millions of happy constituents.  Manufacturers would love it because factories would just keep cranking out all kinds of stuff.  Banks and financial institutions would especially love it because they could collect extortion-like interest on these loans.  They could call them “sub-human prime loans.”


Sounds like a really great idea, doesn’t it?  I can’t think of anything that can go wrong, can you?  Government wouldn’t have to watch over this too closely since they created it.  In fact, the government could get in on a big chunk of the action and set up its own bank to profit from all this.  I know two bankers who are perfect for the job, a married couple actually, Freddie and Fannie M..  It would be great for business, as banks and financial institutions could bundle up lots of these loans and sell them to each other all over the U.S. and around the world, and even make more money than the straight interest on their “sub-human prime loans.”  This is awesome… it could stimulate the economy for years, even decades to come.


Of course, the only possible problem could be that eventually the good people holding these extortion-like loans couldn’t pay them back.  Not really a big problem because the government could just step in again and pass another bill.  They could simply buy back these dead-beat loans from any banks and financial institutions still holding them that haven’t already gone belly-up.  Unfortunately, they’d have to use the hard earned tax dollars of every American to do this, but not a big deal, because with any luck the government would get a few pennies back on every one of your dollars they spend.  They wouldn’t really be able to call this exactly what it was: a dead-beat government bail-out program of a dead-beat government program, so congress would have to make up a fancier, more acceptable sounding name, something like the “Troubled Asset Relief Program” or T.A.R.P.


Isn’t it really amazing that something that is obviously such a great idea hasn’t already been thought up and implemented by your government?


Time to Throw the Challenge Flag!

February 3, 2009


With the Super Bowl in the history books, football is once again on the shelf until next year.  One of the greatest innovations of the game has to be the challenge rule that permits the coach from either team to throw a red flag out on the field to challenge a ruling when they believe an official has made a bad call.  In the Super Bowl there were a couple challenge flags thrown, and I believe two were upheld over-ruling missed calls on the field.


So far during the Obama administration there have been any number of questionable, and outright, missed calls.  Three in particular have been glaring “personal fouls.”  The officials, or in this case, Media, have not only failed to make the correct calls, they haven’t even come out of the locker room onto the field.


The first infraction was a blatant “un-sportsman like conduct” penalty committed by Timothy Geithner, our new Treasury Secretary.  Geithner admitted that he failed to pay approximately $34,000 in personal income tax over a four year period from 2001-2004, even after being notified in writing by the IRS that he owed these back taxes.  Even with a serial tax evader admitting he stepped out of bounds, the officials simply refuse to even reach for the yellow flag.  Ref’s missed call number one.


The second penalty was an embarrassing “too many players on the field” mistake.  President Obama’s very first official act was to issue an executive order, signing a sweeping new ethics rule prohibiting lobbyists from working in the new administration for a period of two years from the time they stop functioning as lobbyists.  As it turns out, Mr. William Lynn, nominee for Deputy Defense Secretary, was a senior executive for defense contractor Raytheon and an active lobbyist.  Since this nomination clearly violated his own ethics rule, Obama didn’t even pretend it was not a personal foul, he simply asked the Office of Management and Budget to grant Lynn a waiver to his own rule.  The OMB acted swiftly granting the waiver saying that it was, “in the public interest…” to fudge on one of the president’s own new ethics rules.  Ref., make the call!  No such luck – no whistle and no instant replay on this one either.  The Media’s still huddling in the locker room.


Still, early in the game, there is yet another outrageous personal foul, this one “taunting the taxpayer.”  There is another violation involving a first-string cabinet level player.  As if the Geithner fiasco was not bad enough, here comes Tom Daschle to fill in at the position of Director of Health and Human Services.  He stumbles onto the field and falls flat on his face, admitting to a flagrant tax evasion foul right in front of the replay camera, except this one is bigger – $140,000 in unpaid taxes!  Daschle gets to his feet dazed and confused and manges to get to the sideline just in time.  He’s joined on the bench by fellow players, Bill Richardson and Nancy Killefer, who took themselves out of the game earlier, also for a “taunting the taxpayer” violation.  In addition to the referees missing so many calls, it appears that the Obama Team is having serious problems with player eligibility issues.


Wow, has this game ever changed.  I remember that when the Bush Team was on the field, the official Media was right on top of every call.  If the officials are afraid to take the field, will somebody in the stands please throw a challenge flag!