A News Story You Will Never Read About In The News

In the past decade there have been some momentous news stories: the terrorist attacks of 9/11; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; hurricane Katrina, and, the faltering of the U.S. economy among the most notable.  However, it just may be that the biggest news story of the past decade, and arguably one of the biggest news stories in our nation’s history, is one that you will not read about in the news.  Why?  Because this news story IS the news.  The news media in this country has now succeeded in doing something that no domestic or foreign enemy has ever been able to do in the more than 200 year history of our republic.  The news media has hijacked, manipulated and usurped our fundamental principle of democracy.  If this sounds extreme or even absurd to you, please consider the following facts.

On October 22, 2008, the highly respected, independent and bi-partisan Pew Research Center released a publication: Most Voters Say News Media Wants Obama to Win.  This publication stated that 70% of all registered voters, Democrat, Republican and Independent claimed that they believed that in the ’08 presidential election, most journalists wanted Obama to win over McCain.  Astonishingly, a full 62% of all Democrat and Independent voters agreed that the media was in the tank for Obama.  The Pew Research Center study points out that this level of media corruption and bias is UNPRECEDENTED in the history of U.S. presidential elections going back to at least 1992.  The next highest level of claims of media bias was in 1996 when 59% of all registered voters claimed that the media was favoring Bill Clinton, that’s a full 11% less than those claiming media bias in this election.  With that extent of rampant media bias being claimed by voters in all political parties, it was the news media that effectively elected our new president.  Can there be any greater threat to our country than the loss of our basic democratic principles?


7 Responses to “A News Story You Will Never Read About In The News”

  1. On the Pike Says:

    It’s hypocritical that during this Presidency, many have referred to Bush in slanderous ways when he has done nothing but his very best. Was he perfect? No. Has any President been perfect? No. And still, thanks to a left-leaning Media, Clinton’s self-serving pardons went literally uninvestigated, along with many of the transgressions for which he is personally responsible before, during and after his reign in the White House. The Media has successfully brainwashed the vast majority in this country and even though it is up to each of us to weigh the truth, the Media has been equally successful in getting the majority to swallow what they serve hook-line-and-sinker.

    We no longer live in a Democracy in this country, we live in a Mediaocracy, which sounds very much like Mediocrity, which is what our society is becoming. We, as a society, have to protect our freedoms and truths as zealously as the Media have been exerting their influence over the ignorant masses.

    I hope we can all rally behind our new President, because his success will positively impact all of us. I’m sure the Media will do their best to promote Obama, much the same way they promoted philandering and ethically-challenged Slick Willy. Fortunately for our country, Obama has shown himself, thus far, to be far superior to the Clintons in intellect, conscience and morality and hopefully, he’ll stay that way.

    As for the Fourth Estate, I hope you all get what you most richly deserve. The bankruptcies of many of the newspapers and magazines are only the beginning of justice to the hypocritical way you have poisoned this country.

  2. Lou Rose Says:

    OMG FINALLY, some people that are in fact, wide awake. Good job, keep up the good work. I’m in total agreement with the blogger, and On the Pike’s comment.


    Any open minded person can conclude that most media supported Obama. I recall the quips and facial expressions of commentators on most channels as well as the editorializing in most of the reports. The liberal media has gone too far and most of us realize this is the case. Now the question is “what are we as consumers of news going to do about this problem?” The answer is to boycott those organizations who slant the news and to boycott the advertisers who pay them for commercial spots. In the end, its all about the money.

  4. circles Says:

    I disagree with the part that media did something. I am not talking about the election per say.

    If people didn’t want to hear about a person/event, they will stop reading that news paper. Data in media is merely a reflection of what the society is. News papers, movies etc are businesses and they will give people what they want, to make money. Don’t blame them as long as they dont break any laws.

    You may argue people are influenced by propaganda and can’t make their own decisions and cant think for themselves. Well, its democray. So, if majority can not think for themselves, then may be someone else gets make those decisions for them.

    Eitherway, a society gets what the majority wants… or should I say people get what they deserve?

  5. livid Says:

    This is terrible. There were five candidates on the ballot in most states and yet you only heard about McBama. Only McBama debated himself and that was only on media approved issues. This is nearly as bad as the 2004 election where electronic voting machines and voter roll purges handed an incumbet war criminal the presidency again. Did the media report on that? Of course not. Did the media report on the 2000 electoral fraud? Of course not. All you hear is screaching from that Coulter guy about how his Christian values are being trampled all the time. This has got to change and I hope your tea party starts a chain reaction of change across this country.

  6. on the pike Says:

    Objectivity: I agree with your point of view but a boycott is virtually impossible. Since the vast majority of media outlets are left of left, that would mean boycotting nearly every advertiser. Definitely a laudable response, just not practical.

    Circles: Cannot agree with your point of view. First of all, there is very little “Data in media.” What media is putting out has little to do with data and is more in line with brainwashing. So, I take issue with your statement that “data in media is merely a reflection of what the society is.” The media, as Clearspeak has pointed out repeatedly, is OUT OF CONTROL.

    Livid: I agree with your point of view. BTW, “that Coulter guy” is actually “that Coulter gal” who sells books and makes money by making the most extreme comments. She does not represent the clear thinking right – she represents the conservative Bill Clinton – pimping herself out for the dough-ray-me.

  7. Claire Says:

    I thought Obama was going to bring change. If the Media went after him the way they went after Bush, Obama would know he wasn’t getting away with the cute appointments and the sneaky spending in his budgets. I want my vote back.

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