A Real Dog & Pony, uhhh… I Mean Dog & DONKEY Show


In the two months since the presidential election the Democrat Party has been putting on quite a show.  One that I’m sure pres.-elect Obama is not amused with.  In case you haven’t been keeping score it’s currently an 0-5 shut out and the Obama team has not even yet taken the field.


1.      Cabinet nominee, Bill Richardson withdraws his name from consideration for Commerce Secretary pending a federal investigation involving kick-backs for granting state contracts.


2.      Dem. Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is impeached on corruption charges accused of wanting to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat to the highest bidder.  He appoints Roland Buress to Obama’s senate seat over the public pledges of both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and pres.-elect Obama to block the appointment.  Disgraced governor Blagojevich prevails and both Sen. Reid and Barack Obama reverse their positions in an embarrassing pre-inaugural defeat.


3.      Private citizen Caroline Kennedy, who has never been elected to any public post, feels that she is entitled to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s vacated senate seat because she is…  a Kennedy.


4.      It is discovered that Treasury Secretary nominee, Timothy Geithner, failed to pay $34,023 in income taxes over a four-year period from 2001 to 2004.  Even after receiving written notice from the I.R.S., he failed to pay his delinquent taxes until just several days before his Cabinet level appointment by pres.-elect Obama.  In a second scandal reminiscent of the infamous “nanny-gate,” he also employed a housekeeper who did not have legal employment immigrant status to work in this country.  Sen. Reid simply dismissed these issues as: “a few little hiccups” in the process leading up to senate confirmation.


5.      In her senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 13, Secretary of State nominee, Sen. Hillary Clinton refused to reveal further information about the approximate $500 million raised in contributions by her husband, Bill Clinton.  Much of this money was given to Bill Clinton directly from numerous foreign governments.  Sen. Clinton just expects us to believe that these many millions of dollars that have been contributed and will continue to flow into the William J. Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative do not constitute any conflict of interest for her as our nation’s Secretary of State.  This, in spite of a recent A.P. news story that Sen. Clinton intervened at least six times in previous government issues directly affecting companies and other individuals that later contributed to her husband’s foundation.


In closing, if I have personally offended any dogs or donkeys in comparing their showmanship to that of the Democrat Party over the past two months, I offer my sincere apology.


One Response to “A Real Dog & Pony, uhhh… I Mean Dog & DONKEY Show”

  1. on the pike Says:

    I actually think your second item is a two-fer. The Blago stunt was, all by itself, a huge Number 2. But, Harry Reid’s chest-thumping, egomaniacal rants also smelled like a Number 2 as well, therefore, you do have legitimate reasons for not splitting these two up.

    I personally wish our next President all the best because to root against Obama (who is our President for the next 4 years, like it or not) would be to fight for our country to lose, which I will never do. But, let’s just imagine how these five (six) issues would have been handled had Obama been a registered Republican:

    1. Re: Bill Richardson: George Stephanopolous, Chris Matthews et. al would be launching investigations on all of the questionnable Obama relationships, past and present. This would result in a mini-series on Reverend Wright, undoubtedly, to be shown nightly for 3 months.

    2a. Re: Blagojevich appointment: He should be thankful he is a Democratic Governor because as a Republican, Blago would have been thrown out of office and simultaneously hung off the Sears Tower.

    2b. Re: Harry Reid: Had Reid been a Republican, the Democrats would be launching an investigation concerning abuse of power and the unconstitutionality of his stance.

    3. Re: Caroline Kennedy: If Kennedy were a Republican, her tax returns for the last 20 years would have been published as a special edition of the New York Times Magazine. Furthermore, her use (and lack thereof) of the name Schlossberg would have been completely dissected and inspected by now. By now, all 3 of her children would have their school records and behaviors splashed all over the front pages of every major newspaper.

    4: Re: Timothy Geithner: If Geithner were a Republican, his nomination would have been criticized all day long on MSNBC and Obama would have been forced to withdraw this nomination just to give Keith Olbermann time to have a throat lozenge.

    5. Re: Clinton (Hill and Bill): If the Clintons were Republicans, the Clinton Presidential library would have been closed pending investigation, with the Foundation and the Global Initiative on ice until after Hill finished her political career.

    The Donkey party should be renamed the Teflon Party because their crap never seems to follow them. While they’re at it, they should buy up every cigar company AND the Gap franchises as well in order to ensure that no blue Gap dress ever derails their party again. After all, it would be so much harder to train the Democrats to keep their hands to themselves……

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