A Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey CONGRESS

When Barack Obama, the Democratic junior senator from Illinois, was elected president it left his senate seat open.  As proscribed by his constitutional responsibilities, the Democratic governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, appointed fellow Democrat Roland Buress to fill Obama’s Democratic seat.  Buress arrived in Washington today to be seated in the newly elected Democratically controlled congress.  In a bizarre media circus Buress was blocked from the senate chamber by Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader.  Reid’s excuse for blocking Democrat Senate-designee Buress was that the Democratic secretary of state of Illinois did not sign his certificate of appointment.  Well, in this new age of “change we can believe in,” those sneaky Republicans can’t pull the wool over our eyes anymore.  It couldn’t be any clearer that this is just another instance of Republican dirty tricks undoubtedly orchestrated by President Bush himself.


3 Responses to “A Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey CONGRESS”

  1. Rich McDonald Says:

    The Roland Burris fiasco is but another example of the politics that the American people have come to expect, and continue to do nothing about. Why?

    Because, the American people can do nothing about it – really. If the most honest person you know was elected to serve, within their first term in office they would learn, in order to survive, how to play the game.

    Each of them is taught the rules, play along when needed, and we will see to it that your state will reap the windfall of the trough when the time comes. Play the game, your state gets its share of the pork barrel. Don’t, and there are no committee seats, your bills are killed in committee, you are not invited to the meetings that will make your career worthwhile.

    Until there is a uproar of monumental proportion, until these polical hacks are thrown out onto the street with the trash that they are, then nothing positive will get done. Not in any of our lifetimes.

    When the masses depend on government for their day to day lives, then all is lost, and we become its (governments) servants. We are getting closer to that reality with each election cycle.

  2. on the pike Says:

    This entire Blago fiasco emphasizes the need for the people’s representative (regardless of state) to be elected by the people. The reason Illinois Democrats won’t go that route is the Lieutenant Governor, also a Democrat, will undoubtedly appoint a Democrat to fill that slot in the event that Blago is impeached, avoiding the risk that a democratic election would produce a Republican. For a Democracy, it’s globally embarrassing to see the Democrats and the National Media continually successful in eliminating the Republican voice in this country we almost euphemistically call “The United States.” Ironically, Roland Burris has been a loyal Democrat, is a black man replacing a black man, and the party really doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on in barring his seat in the Senate. This may be the first of many implosions that the Democrat Party is inevitably headed for. That’s the fate for a party that heralds blind loyalty and ego over substance. Bill Richardson’s withdrawal as Secretary of Commerce and the hearings over the appointment of Hillary Clinton, wife of the ever-fornicating irresponsible Slick Willy, should yield nationwide, frontpage entertainment if and when Media gets a journalistic conscience. It will be interesting to see just how much Race becomes an issue in Illinois. And, as for Harry Reid, I think he just lost his seat, which is only right since he long ago lost his mind.

    In New York, Caroline Kennedy is trying to “inherit” her seat in the Senate by touting her valid and successful accomplishments with respect to education in New York City, although her recent New York Daily News interview was peppered with so many “you know” it’s hard to believe that she’s an educated Harvard Law alumna. Aside from her local efforts, the only other hint of a qualification Caroline has is her last name, which represents as much scandal as it does achievement and one reason which she may have avoided politics until now. Whether or not she has earned whatever privilege comes with such a checkered name remains to be seen. Had she not alienated the Clinton machinery with her surprisingly public and active endorsement of Obama, she would have had the seat in the bag long ago once Bill and Hil gave their blessing. But, just like a Cheshire cat, the Clintons are privately chuckling as Caroline struggles to keep her hands on the seat to which her uncle feels she’s entitled.

    Here again, New York Democrats are loathed to change this situation from an appointment to an election, fearful that one day the New York electorate would vote in a worker-bee elephant over a rock star donkey.

    If both of these seats had been vacated by Republicans, we would all have to get ear protection for the roar of public outcry that would come from the Donkey Party and all of its followers. But lest ye lament, we can look forward to Al Franken’s upcoming role in Washington politics. If Washington wasn’t a joke before, take note, it will be a 24/7 Saturday Night Live Show with Freakin’ Franken in the house.

    Aren’t we supposed to be sending the people’s representatives to D.C., and not just Democratic Party lackeys? Hello – exactly where are the checks and balances?????? Where is the national outrage?

  3. Josh Says:

    The reason for no national outrage is because the nation is now full of American Idol-watching, spineless robots who believe everything the mainstream media force-feeds them. They have been brainwashed so much by the entertainment industry how how to live, that they think having government control is a GOOD idea!!!!!!!!!!

    They are being taught less in school about the REASON for our revolt against the british monarchy that made us a country, and being taught that it’s better to FEEL good, that the answers don’t matter as much as long as your SELF-ESTEEM isn’t hurt!l

    I don’t believe in spam, but I think that the only way to get this information out to the masses is to start posting your blog link everywhere (like what was done in a yahoo buzz-up I followed from). I got more information from that blog post than I ever did from any of the national news!

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