A Historic Event, Indeed!


In just a few short days the nation will experience a truly historic event.  Something so extraordinary that it is unprecedented in the more than 200 year history of our country.  For the first time ever a President will be sworn into office that has absolutely no record of any significant or meaningful political achievement.  That’s right, we’ll have a President who as the junior senator from Illinois, never chaired or co-chaired a single congressional committee, a senator who never sponsored or co-sponsored a single piece of legislation.  We’ll have a President who has accomplished absolutely nothing – nada – zippo – zilch – zero during his entire brief political career.  A President who the new Vice President has repeatedly called “unqualified” to be President.  Not merely inexperienced or unprepared, but, “unqualified.”


Given this shocking reality, how is it possible that this historic event came to be?  One need look no further than the power and influence of the main stream media.  Just days before the election the highly respected, bi-partisan, and independent Pew Research Center conducted a study that found that an unprecedented 70% of all registered voters: Democrat, Republican and Independent, felt that the media was in the tank for Obama.  With that extent of media bias and corruption the media effectively chose the President.


A historic event of momentous and unprecedented proportions, you bet.  Oh, and by the way, did I mention that the new President is black?



4 Responses to “A Historic Event, Indeed!”

  1. Roger Schreiner Says:

    You hit the nail on the head, but I doubt that many will notice. This man has rock star status which will carry him until he hits the wrong note, then he’ll be compared the other dozen or so more qualified candidate… kind of like American Idol. RJS

  2. Greg Says:

    I believe that he not only is unqualified but probably not even a legal resident of the USA.

  3. on the pike Says:

    Everything you write is sadly very true, but hopefully, Obama will follow through on his promise to reach across party lines because the very glaring reality is, he’s our President for at least the next 4 years and we cannot afford for him to fail. We need him to succeed in bringing us out of this financial crisis and hopefully, in 2010, the balance in Washington will be restored when the Congress welcomes back the Republicans they cheated out of office.

  4. Brian Schreiner Says:

    Agreed. But for me, these are just details. The big problem is that the media doesn’t use it’s power well. They address silly issues without serious debate and discussion over our bloated government, out of control spending and printing of money. Where’s the discussion about our government’s obsession with artificially propping-up a consumption-based, credit-laden economy. What about healthcare, poverty, education, social security, taxes and handguns should be outlawed. These are the issues that will define our future. All the media does is interview politicians for soundbites and sound-off on meaningless facts and figures. You could put a donkey in the white house, it doesn’t matter. We need a way to hold our political reps accountable– the media doesn’t realize this, clearly. They only feed the fire of the status quo. So much power, so little reform. We need a revolution, but it’s too early and American’s are to ignorant. They can’t comprehend the weight of these issues– like teenagers, they want the quick fix: an election, a bailout, stimulus package. I’m moving to Aruba! (well, maybe)

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