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December 15, 2008


Hypocrisy is an interesting phenomenon.  There are few things more universally detested, yet ironically, acknowledged as a universal component of our own human nature, than hypocrisy.  We are all hypocrites to one extent or another.  Most of us, when we are honest with ourselves, can admit that we are less than perfect and have at times fallen victim to being hypocritical.  Perhaps that is why we tend to judge those who delude themselves into thinking that they are not tinged by the dirty residue of hypocrisy more harshly.  Just look at the feeding frenzy that is going on in the media these days regarding Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.


The media is all over this story circling like sharks that smell blood in the water.  Of course all Americans, especially the good citizens of Illinois, should be outraged at the hypocrisy of Gov. Blagojevich.  Here is an elected official who has sworn to uphold the Constitution on the United States.  Especially as the governor of the “Land of Lincoln,” one would think that he would be particularly devoted to preserve the unique democratic principles espoused by that great president that: “government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the face of the earth.”  It’s no surprise that so many people are shocked at the brazen arrogance of Blagojevich in using the power of his office to simply appoint whomever he wants to the senate seat vacated by Pres.-Elect Obama.  With little or no regard for the will of the people, and little or no regard for competency and experience, Blagojevich was poised to simply make an arbitrary appointment to this Senate seat.


What a disgraceful betrayal of both the public trust and fundamental democratic principles, right?  Well, of course, but wait just a minute.  Isn’t that EXACTLY what the main stream media did in collectively deciding that Barack Obama should be appointed by them to become the next president of the United States.  Wasn’t it the media who, with little or no regard for the will of the people, and little or no regard for competency or experience, arbitrarily create, package and sell Sen. Barack Obama to the American people?  A junior senator from Illinois who never sponsored or even co-sponsored a single piece of legislation.  A junior senator who never chaired or even co-chaired any congressional committee or sub-committee.  A candidate with literally no record of any political accomplishment whatsoever.  If this sounds a little unfair or extreme to you, please do not just take my word for it.  Click on the following link and read for yourself how the widely respected, independent Pew Research Center verified that an astonishing 70% of all registered voters (Democrats and Republicans) stated that the media was in the tank for Obama just two weeks prior to the election.  Pew Research Center.  What else could anyone call this unprecedented media bias that a full 70% of all registered voters identified other than: MEDIA “HYPE-OCRISY.”


Obama’s Two Christmas “Re-Gifts”

December 1, 2008


Come on, be honest, have you ever received or given a “re-gift?”  Maybe a tie, a pair of socks, or a fruit cake?  How about a combination pop-corn butter melter and sprayer – a what?  Well, many years ago, I found what I thought was the perfect Christmas gift for my brother-in-law.  For an avid pop-corn lover, before the age of microwave pop-corn, what could be better than a hand held combination butter melter and sprayer.  I actually found one.  You just popped a whole stick of butter into a little tray, plugged it in, and when the butter melted you could spray the hot liquid by pumping a pressure trigger just like a water sprayer for house plants.  I thought it was great.  Evidently, my brother-in-law was not as enthralled with this contraption as I was.  The following Christmas when I opened his gift to me there it was again, shiny as new, the combination pop-corn butter melter and sprayer.  More amused than offended this sparked a re-gifting war.  For the next three or four years we would take turns wrapping that thing in creative packages of different shapes and sizes.  No matter how differently it was boxed and wrapped from year to year, once it was opened it was still the same old thing.


Well, this year pres-elect Obama has surprised us all with not just one, but with two Christmas “re-gifts.”  The first is his economic team.  Don’t be fooled by the nifty gift wrapping, we’ve seen them all before.  You can check out all their bios. on-line, but allow me to highlight just a few.  Timothy Geitner, Treasury Secretary: Geitner first joined the Treasury Department in 1988 during the Reagan administration.  From 2001 – 2003 he served under the Bush administration in the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.), and from 2003 – 2008 he was President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York also under Bush.  Peter Orszag, Office of Management and Budget Director: He served as Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy from 1997 – 1998 in the Clinton administration.  Then, of course, the most familiar face of them all, Paul Volcker, Economic Recovery Advisory Board Chairman:  Volcker first joined the Federal Reserve Bank in 1952, yes, ’52, the year Dwight D. Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson to start his second term as President… who can forget the cliff-hanger that one was!  Volcker was appointed Chair of the Federal Reserve in 1979 under President Jimmy Carter and re-appointed in 1983 under President Ronald Reagan.


The second re-gift is even more of a pleasant surprise, Obama’s national defense team.  Obama will re-nominate Robert Gates to remain as his administration’s Secretary of Defense.  Gates has a long and distinguished career serving as Director of the C.I.A. under President George H. W. Bush being appointed in 1991.  He was then tapped by George W. Bush to succeed Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense in 2006.  Another critically important member of the national defense team will be National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones.  Jones has an interesting history in both the military and corporate sectors.  In 2007 Gen. Jones was elected to the Board of Directors of Boeing, he was later elected to the Board of Directors of the Chevron Corporation on May 28th of this year.  He served with distinction under President George W. Bush and on January 17, 2003 was named Supreme Allied Commander Europe.


During the political campaign of ’08 Obama stated that he “doesn’t look like the other presidents on our dollar bills.”  True enough.  He doesn’t look like Santa Clause either, but he’s already doled out two great Christmas re-gifts.  So far the only thing really hopeful about this administration of “Hope and Change” is that it does not look like there will be a whole lot of change.