Building Sand Castles

It’s always amazed me how little people really learn from their mistakes.  In many instances, it seems like the bigger the mistake, the smaller the learning curve.  This week there were devastating wild fires in Santa Barbra, California.  It seemed like I was watching a news re-run from last year, and the year before that and on and on.  In California, earthquakes, fires and mudslides have occurred for thousands of years and will continue to occur for thousands of years, and yet in spite of their being many beautiful safer places to live in the Golden State, people have and will continue to re-build smack dab in the middle of these disaster zones.

New Orleans is a great city, but unfortunately much of it lies beneath sea level.  Apparently there are still many people who feel that living in a coastal city, below sea level, in an age of rising oceans, which is in an established hurricane corridor is still a great idea.  Doesn’t this just seem a bit odd to you?


If you’re like me, when you were a kid, you probably spent some time at the beach building sand castles.  If there were other kids involved it quickly became a competition about who could build the biggest, fanciest, strongest, most beautiful sand castle.  Some of them involved a lot of time and energy and the best were very impressive indeed.  That was, of course, until the tide or a big wave came in and knocked them all down.  Everyone would get discouraged, and even act surprised, but almost immediately start right in again building a new sand castle right where the demolished one stood just moments before.  No one gave any serious thought about building something different in a different place, like maybe back further from the water’s edge.


As adults, we are not that much different than kids at the beach building sand castles.  This weekend, as the fires burn in California, twenty world leaders from the most developed and rapidly developing countries in the world, known as the “G-20,” are meeting in Washington, DC trying to figure out how to fix the global economic mess.  If history is any measure, they will undoubtedly come up with some impressive sand castle designs, some of these sand castles may actually get built.  They are not the only ones in the sand castle building business.  Congress has a great sand castle design.  Did you see Obama’s YouTube address this weekend (God help us!).  He may prove to be the greatest sand castle builder of all time.  Like a true wizard, he outlined an extensive tax and spend plan that could build the OZ of all sand castles.  Whatever you do, do NOT look behind the curtain!  In the unbridled enthusiasm of the sand castle building frenzy that is going on I don’t hear anyone saying: “hey, why don’t we build something different in a different place?”  I don’t hear any one saying why don’t we just let the forces of free-market capitalism run its natural course and work as it is supposed to?  Whether we like it or not, fires will burn, mud will slide, earth will shake, oceans will rise, and, those who learn from their mistakes and adjust will survive and thrive.  Rather than spend the whole weekend hunkered down in the stuffy old White House, maybe the G-20 should join up with Congress and Barack Obama, pack a picnic lunch, and schlep off to the beach, they just might learn a very important lesson.


6 Responses to “Building Sand Castles”

  1. on the pike Says:

    The major thing this election took away from all of us is the freedom to criticize the election of Barack Obama. Let me say, I believe he is a cut above the typical Democrat in Washington, D.C. so if any donkey had to be elected, I’m glad it was him. At the same token, those of us who are skeptical of his ability to govern with so little experience run the risk of being labeled a racist, which is ironic since it is reverse-racism that drove many to the polls. After all, if you’re poor, black and not working, there is no choice but to vote for the man who espouses Socialism with both hands.

    The economy is like the weather and has always been cyclical. How we come out of this crisis largely depends on how the government seeks to address the problems. Harnessing a free economy is like trying to stop a hurricane. You cannot prevent disaster from happening, all you can do is board your windows, buy batteries and wait it out. Those politicians who are promising to save Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the auto industry are the same corrupt bastards who created the mess we see today. They’re telling the Ignorant Masses they can prevent disaster when all they are doing is distracting the morons from taking appropriate measures to weather this storm.

    Meanwhile, should Barack Obama host the picnic lunch you suggest, what they will do is count the ants and let the sandwiches rot. The dawn of the Era of Donkey Politics is near. We should all prepare to hunker down for 4 turbulent years. In the meantime, I suggest we all buy Vicodin to help with the pain of seeing our hard earned dollars spread like butter to the very people who not only least deserve the help, but will seek to convince us all that they are truly entitled. This is a fine legacy we leave the next generation, but let it be said, it wasn’t the conservatives that brought ruin to the future of our brightest, it was the liberal left who will never admit they are wrong.

  2. Ginny Says:

    “it seems like the bigger the mistake, the smaller the learning curve” – truer words were never said. New reader to your always strikes me as hilarious to see how people are so willing to blind themselves to the awful truth.

    The genius of your blog is how you state the obvious to those of us who are willing to take the blinders off. Unfortunately, those of us who most need to read your blog are not capable of reading. But the first comment to this blog is prophetic. We are going to have 4 turbulent years. I respectfully suggest, however, that the drug suggested by your first commenter be changed from Vicodin to Immodium. With a Democratic majority in the Congress and predictable left-leaning nominees in line for the next vacancies at the Supreme Court, a combo Immodium/barf bag sale would probably yield record breaking sales.

    The legacy we leave the next generation should be stamped by the Donkey party (love that reference) and we should start referring to the Obama eras as Sand Castle governance.

    Are you a conservative print journalist exercising your true freedom of speech via the blogworld?

  3. onthepike Says:

    Ginny, “Sand Castle governance” is true genius!

  4. Michael Says:

    Well the alternative could have been 4 more years of George Bush which I am sure you COSERVITURDS would love.

    • clearspeak Says:

      Just by way of clarification, Pres. Bush was constitutionally barred from running for a third term of office, so the comment is factually incorrect. Also name calling such as “conserviturds” is very immature and discouraged on this blog. Thank you.

  5. Mike Littoris Says:

    The Boston Tea party was the result of British Parliament requiring colonists to buy tea only from the East India Company which was controlled (owned) by England. Tea from the East India Company was heavily taxed by the British, so colonists were forced to pay the higher cost for tea imported from England versus cheaper, non taxed tea from the Dutch. Colonists argued that, according to the British Constitution, British subjects could be taxed only by their own representatives; because the colonies were not represented in Parliament, they could not be taxed by that body; or “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”.

    Today there are million of illegal immigrants in the US. Many Congressional Democrats have, are, will, support legislation that gives these illegal immigrants government entitlements in the form of welfare, health care, and education for their children. Many if not most of these illegal immigrants work jobs that pay them in cash with no federal or state income tax withheld and with no FICA or Medicare tax withheld. Doesn’t this equate to “REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION”?

    The entire US Government and political parties that supposedly represent the constituents that elected them have become so corrupted and so removed from the reality of the real world that the rest of us live in that there is no longer any reason to have “hope for change”. Why didn’t the terrorists target the US Capital building on 9/11? Surely taking out the entire US Congress would disrupt the US ability to function wouldn’t it? No, they knew that the US Congress was more of an “passive ally” due to the fact that Congress is so screwed up. Today, under the “leadership” of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat majority Congress is poised to destroy this country. With the liberal media in tow, the censorship of outspoken opponents is well underway. Why has Obama publicly mentioned Rush Lindbaugh’s criticism of his administration when all I ever heard from the media for the past 8 years is criticism of George Bush? Propaganda and non-reporting of events unfavorable to the Democrat’s mission have become flagrant. The silent majority of US citizens, which includes those who were temporarily hypnotized, mesmerized, or otherwise blinded by the cult of personality embodied by Barack Obama, that helped push him over the top for victory in the election, all can see what has begun. Unfortunately, clarity of vision has come too late now. Any discussion about the type of action needed to restore this country to what it used to stand for would likely be labeled as conspiracy to commit treason. I am going to cling to my guns and trust that when the time is right, no words will be required to initiate the groundswell of Patriots to don their Indian disguises and head down to the harbor mix up a batch of tea. Let’s do our best to avoid being forced to drink the Cool-Aid before that happens.

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