Circle The Wagons!


It looks like it will be a very rocky start for the incoming Obama Administration.  The bunker-mentality and battle lines are already starting to be drawn.  We do not yet know what the completed Obama-Biden Cabinet will look like, but what we do know, is that his first two appointees are very troublesome indeed.


Obama has appointed Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff.  You probably know that Emanuel has a long history as a Washington and Chicago political insider and served as a “Cintonista” in a number of different posts.  You probably also know that he has a reputation for being a rabid partisan and a vulgar, provocative, aggressive, ruthless individual.  He once sent a dead fish to a pollster who he did not like, and he is famously quoted as saying in a public forum that “Republicans can go F— themselves.”  What you may not know, is that he comes from an even more controversial background than that.  His father, Benjamin Emanuel, was born in Israel and was an avid member of the “Irgun.”  This was a very active para-military group, some would say terrorist group, active in the mid-1900’s.  Among its many violent acts, this group was responsible for the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946.  His militant influence apparently rubbed off on his son,  Rahm.  In 1991 Rahm Emanuel actually left the U.S. and effectively became a mercenary joining the Israel Defense Forces.


Not to be outdone by this brilliant choice, Obama appoints John Podesta, another Washington and Chicago political insider to be Co-Chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project.  Look for him to be slipped into the Cabinet somewhere.  Podesta served as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff from 1998-2001.  Among his shameful acts, was overseeing the granting of some 140 pardons by Clinton at the end of his term, infamously known as “Pardongate.”  Among this slew of Clinton-crony pardons that Podesta helped secure, there are some real zingers, they include:


Commuting the sentences of 16 members of FLAN, a violent Puerto Rican terrorist group that set off 120 bombs in the U.S., mostly in New York City and Chicago.  The pardon was issued on Aug. 11, 1999.


The pardon of Melvin J. Reynolds, a Democratic Congressman from Illinois (where else), who was convicted of bank fraud, 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice, and, solicitation of child pornography.


Don’t forget the pardon of Roger Clinton, the former president’s half-brother, convicted of drug charges.  He was later charged with drunk driving and disorderly conduct within a year of the presidential pardon.


With two appointees like this, one can hardly wait to see the rest of the insider gang that will usher in our new Utopian era of “hope and change.”



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