“No Country for Old Men…” The Sequel

A few days before the Nov. 4th election I was driving behind a car that had a home-made sign taped on the inside of the rear window that read: “No Country for Old Men – Vote for Obama.”  Besides being completely tasteless, that sign held some prophetic irony that I’m sure escaped the limited I.Q. of it’s owner.  The irony lies not in the title, but rather in the didactic plot of this haunting movie.  If you haven’t seen it, the movie has a simple yet profound message that nothing good can come out of taking something that isn’t yours even if you did not steal it yourself.  The movie starts with the protagonist, (Josh Brolin) happening across the scene of a drug deal gone bad while hunting out in the wilderness.  The scene is one of absolute horror with blood, gore and the bodies of those from both sides of the struggle strewn across an open field.  Kind of sounds like an American political campaign, right?  While inspecting the devastation, our protagonist discovers that both the stash of drugs and $2 million in drug money are there.  Brolin acts instinctively and takes the money.  He’s a very sympathetic character who is a poor Vietnam Vet living with his wife in a dilapidated trailer park.  Most viewers find themselves rooting for Brolin as he sets out on a new quest for “hope and change.”  Before long, a totally creepy psychopathic killer (Javier Bardem), sets out on Brolin’s heels to take the ill-gotten prize.  Bardem eventually tracks Brolin down killing anyone who gets in his way.  Suffice it to say that the story does not have a happy ending and that the wiely old sheriff (Tommy Lee Jones) proves incapable of stopping the series to tragic event that un-fold once our protagonist takes what is not his. 

One can extrapolate whatever parallels they wish between the movie and the presidential election of ’08.  As for me, I see BOTH Obama and the American people as the victims.  The psyhcopahic villain is none other than our diabolical news media who created, packaged, and then sold Obama to the American people thus, in essence, forcing Obama to take what is not rightfully his.  If you still do not believe that there was extreme, even unprecedented, pro-Obama media bias in the past election, all I can do is refer you to the independent Pew Research Center article: Most Voters Say Media Wants Obama to Win   showing that a full 70% of all registered voters, Democrat & Republican believed that the news media was in the tank for Obma.  As events continue to un-fold we can, and should,  all hope and pray that the sequel does not end anything like the the movie!


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