The REAL Bush Legacy

The main-stream media have feverishly devoted themselves to maligning the Bush Administration and have succeeded in creating a radioactive zone around the President.  This has been part of a well orchestrated media strategy to both disparage the Bush Administration and to influence the ’08 presidential election, which, of course, it has succeeded in doing.  Fortunately, history will correct these deceptions, and prove once again the truth of the words of John Adams, one of America’s great founding fathers that: “Facts are stubborn things…”  The most significant facts of the Bush legacy are:

1.  After the attacks of Sept. 11, 01 we were successful in thwarting another single terrorist attack on American soil.

2.  We have fought two wars in the larger global War on Terror, liberating literally tens of millions of people from two of the most brutal dictatorships on earth, establishing freely elected democratic governments in both countries right in the heart of the  Middle East.  This incredible victory was accomplished with the combined U.S. casulaties from both wars among the lowest of any other single war in our nation’s history.

3.  The Bush Administration acted quickly to rescue both the U.S. and global economy from a twenty-year conspiracy between the banking and finance industry and liberal-entitlement government entities to perpetuate a sub-prime mortgage scandal that ripped-off the poor and threatened the very heart of our capitalist system.  The Community Reinvestment Act and the government envolvement with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are at the heart of our current economic woes.  Of course, many in the main stream media do not like it, but these are the “stubborn facts” of the past eight years that will define the Bush legacy.


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  1. On the pike Says:

    Totally agree!

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