The News Media May Be America’s Greatest Threat


According to a Pew Research Center article published less than two weeks before the presidential election, an astonishing 70% of all registered voters – both Republican and Democrat – stated they believed the news media favored Obama over McCain.  The Pew Research article illustrated that in every presidential election going back to 1992, there was a large majority of registered voters who believed that the media favored Democrats over Republicans.  This year, however, the media bias gap jumped from a previous high of 59% to a very disturbing 70%.  With 70% of all registered voters claiming that the media is biased for one candidate over another our very democracy is in grave danger (Pew Research Center: Most Voters Say News Media Wants Obama to Win 10/22/08).




3 Responses to “The News Media May Be America’s Greatest Threat”

  1. On the pike Says:

    There should be a huge media backlash, but how would it get publicized. It’s up to the blogosphere to call out the growing power of the Fourth Estate and to stage an uprising!

  2. mombo Says:

    They have sandbagged us! I couldn’t agree with you more, clearspeak. You hit the nail on the head when you suggested that the economy should self correct. The government is creating a free fall and we are the ones falling. These big corporations should NOT be bailed out. Let them fail. Some farsighted and solvent company or companies will buy them out and the correction will begin. Of course it isn’t quite that simple. The correction will be painful, but the government is making this 100 times worse. Take the hit and go forward. The unemployment will take years to resolve, and it will get a ton worse before it gets better. Families that have worked hard, lived below their means, will be bailing out those that overextended thier credit and lifestyle. We will be in VW’s (thank you very much) and they will continue to enjoy their Navigators. Shame on you.

  3. mombo Says:

    BTW, HOW are we going to pay for pensions of the government employees, school district employees and education of our youth? With so much unemployment, income taxes will be ziltch (is that a word?). Oh, that’s right, we can increase the taxes on those that are already paying 90% of taxes.

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